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I love Leavenworth! It has a beautiful downtown area, full of little shops, and a scenic river walk. The high school is large, but the class sizes are still small enough to not inhibit students' learning. The community is very involved and supportive. Leavenworth is a very small town, and that might discourage some because all big stores are at least a thirty minute drive. But, because of that, the town is surrounded by rolling, lush fields of wheat and sunflowers, both Kansas staples. I've enjoyed my time living in Leavenworth.
Leavenworth is a small town in Kansas adjacent to the Missouri River. With a quick 20 mile drive to Kansas City, outlet malls and large shopping centers are easily accessible. The town is very diverse and easy to navigate.
Very great town compared to the location of other military bases/towns. There is something for everyone from every walk of life. Very close to KC which is very convenient.
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People are friendly and the city has a traditional vibe. Locals are kind of old school: yet, their admiration for military and patriotism is praiseworthy. It is a cheap area to live and study. Overall, its awesome
Leavenworth has been extraordinary place to live. The sights are behold as they have beautiful flowers, fountains and historical buildings.
I love it! It has a small town feel but were close enough to Kansas City to have things to do but we don't have to deal with all the people
Leavenworth is purgatory... going nowhere soon. Drug and violent crime is rising and the streets are getting worse not only to live on but also to drive on... city seems to waist resources and skim the coffers.
I like how safe Leavenworth is, there's not a lot of crime happens. It's a great place to raise a family. They have a lot of scholarship oppurtunties. I would like to see more stores to shop/hang out.
It's a good town. A lot of nothing to do, but it's not that far away from Kansas City which is nice. The public school district is amazing, good people, fantastic opportunities.
There is not a lot to do in Leavenworth. However, one of the perks is that it is near the Legends and Kansas City so there are things to do outside of town. The college life is fun because we all have each other to find things to do.
Leavenworth is a small, diverse town full of retired and active military families. It is surrounded by hills and rivers and offers a serene family environment. It is convenient to Kansas City which offers as much entertainment, culture and nightlife as you might want but Leavenworth itself lacks shopping and sit down restaurants. Mom and Pop stores and diners are enchanting but don't offer the flexibility of after hours and Sunday business. Overall, I like Leavenworth and its location. I only give it 3 stars because it could use some updates.
Leavenworth is a small town about 30 minutes from Kansas City, MO. There are not many places to eat or shop which forces you to drive a great distance. I would like to see the town build up a more offering a variety of places for food, shopping and attractions.
People are
Nice; but enforcement of
Basic codes
Like weeds are
Enforced. I also take issue with the trash not
Being allowed in containers;
It has to be just bags by the curb.
I love Leavenworth. I've been living in Leavenworth for almost 6 years. My children go to the public schools here. And they have really good teachers. Their schools are very safe for the children. And I like that their school bus stop is right down the street. It is very easy getting around Leavenworth because it's a little small. But there is plenty of stuff to do with the family. It's more like a military family place to live.
There is really nothing in town. If you want to go out to eat there really isn't good choices except fast food. There is not a lot of kid friendly things to do either.
Leavenworth has an incredibly diverse community. Fort Leavenworth is highly integrated into the community with military personnel from all over the world stationed here. The community is very supportive of local activities and hosts an array of family-friendly events throughout the year. It is in close proximity to Kansas City; KC is not close enough to run daily errands to but is close enough that an outing is relatively easy and inexpensive.
Leavenworth is a military town. It is full of prisons and the fort which is located up north. This is a relatively quite town and the people here are friendly.
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The food at the school I attended was magnificent! The school offers much technology to help educate their students in a 21st century learning experience. Also, the school that I attended offered an planetarium!
There is nothing I like about Leavenworth! Horrible police and animal control. Rude city workers! A lot of drugs and crime! It's getting worse everyday!
Leavenworth is a lovely medium-sized town, which is perfect for raising a family. It has a great public school system, and great facilities. The parks are nice, and the riverfront park is a wonderful place to get away. We have a variety of businesses, ranging from manufacturing, to agriculture. Whether it is the fort that brings you here, or not, there is something for everyone here.
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