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I've truly loved living in Leander, and getting to see it grow. There are so many job opportunities for teens like me, and so many things to do. The schools are fantastic, and the people are supper welcoming.
It is a nice town to live in. With how fast people are moving into Texas, Leander is bound to have as many people as Cedar Park. When the population goes up, chances are that the property values are going to go up as well.
Leander isd has great schools. I am very impressed with all schools. I went to Cedar Park High School and think I got a great education as well as sports experience. Which landed me at a top college for education.
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Leander has been a nice place to live but it has been growing way too fast. There are way too many apartments complexes going up. While it is currently a fairly safe place to live, I am afraid the near future population boom may take us in the wrong direction.
Beautiful town that's close to everything good in Austin metro yet quiet and filled with lovely natural scenery. The city is heavily invested in diversity, and environmentally friendly/eco-conscious development. The vision laid out in its 2010 comprehensive plan update has and continues to be realized and refined. We love living here - away from the hustle & bustle of Austin proper, yet close to amenities in Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, etc. Population is mostly white collar, well-educated young professionals raising their families. Everything is good here. We can't find a negative about this stunning city and glad we are Leanderthals :).
very nice community, Always nice and clean. It is definitely a great place to live. Wonderful smiling people. Very quiet and always something to do as well
When we first moved to Leander it was a small, calm town. It is now growing with homes and businesses that is headed towards a medium sized city. THe school district is great. IT could also use a better park system.
Leander has the opportunity to be a unique suburb of Austin. It is the northern end of the commuter rail line that connects with Austin. Over the last 10-15 years, we have worked to create a place that is a great place to live, work, shop and play. Significant improvements to infrastructure, quality of life, such as parks, arts and other amenities has Leander being one of the fastest growing cities in the US.
I have positive experiences in Leandee up until 2 years ago when the political arena went hostile. Before we had no polarization. But the supporters of this new council the last 2 years have been very obnoxious and sickening with their new idols on the dias.
I long for the days when we have a true sense of community back again.
We have a strong Police and Fire Department, public transportation with a few hiccups, a golf course, public library and multiple churches of most denominations. Once upon a time we lived in harmony together.
Leander is growing quickly and is feeling growing pains. There needs to be more initiatives to make everyone feel welcome and a push for diversity and inclusion.
Lately, the negative national spotlight on our city has been an embarrassment as a few would like to dictate what happens. We are a diverse, multi-ethnic, many faiths, varying socio-econmics, LGBTQ+ and allies, and so much more. Those of us who appreciate diversity and inclusion are trying to make our voices heard!
Still a small, but has big city prices! Not too many restaurants, bars or things to do... Figure move out of the city to find better prices for real estate, but all the city folk are already here, jacked up all the prices.. Like most of the area, we have a lot of out-of-staters that have moved out of their (not so good states) and moved into ours, bringing the prices of both rentals and purchases of anything real estate. A local quote "Don't Californa my Texas", LOL
Leander is a great city to live in. The area itself is clean and overall a nice place to live. There are plenty of places to enjoy a meal, shop, or be entertained. The only downside to living in Leander would be its growing population which has caused traffic to increase significantly. Besides this one flaw I believe that Leander would be a great place for anyone to live in.
Leander is an excellent place for families. Just a short drive from the metropolitan city of Austin, TX. Leander offers space, scenery and security without sacrificing convince and fun.
I have lived in Leander my whole life and i think it absolutely amazing. Everyone here is very helpful and caring. Once when a fire broke out in our neighborhood, the whole community came out to help the family. We raised money for them so that they could stay in a hotel as well as donating clothes and supply's the family might have needed. You are never alone here and you are always safe here too!
As a developing suburb of Austin, there is quite a bit of construction going on. However, the area is growing quickly due to its perfect location near several conveniences. It is a beautiful area regardless of construction full of many friendly faces.
Great neighbors and a beautiful place to live. School teachers teach well and helps you when you need it. People are friendly and kind. People are moving in from Downtown Austin because of good and affordable housing price. Feels safe every night. Many job opportunities around Leander. It is not too far from downtown Austin. Still building houses around Leander so there are many new houses. There is also used house if you are not able to afford a new house.
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I have lived in Leander for 17 years and I love it and my neighborhood! The community is great we have a lot of fun on holidays. The best Holiday for my neighborhood is Christmas, we have so many lights up on our street and have many people come see them. We also have a lot of people come to our neighborhood for Halloween.
I've lived in Leander for almost 10 years and I like it, but if I moved away I wouldn't miss it much. It's a good size town with a lot of transportation resources and stores; however, it lacks anything else. There are a limited number of restaurants, actually only 2, and not many fast food places to dine out at. We have way too many apartments though, followed by mattress stores, and storage units. The roads are never too bust, yet they are accompanied by a lot of potholes. It's a good town with a school around every corner, however; it's a dull town with not much going on for the familied within it.
Very good school districts for families, a safe neighborhood, and very good food. Lots of shopping centers, lots of childcare. Not a lot of public transportation. A very positive real estate market with affordable prices.
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