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It's a high crime city., it's definitely not a place that I would say is a dream to live in and it's probably the worst of all the places I've ever lived which isn't that many but still I would not recommend it to anyone who's trying to raise a family it's not the place to do that.
The crime rate is high in certain areas, but it is a good place to live. The schools are great and there is a lot to do for kids and teens.
This town is terrible. Grew up here and there’s nothing to do. Crime rate is high and the government is the good old boys system and just all around corrupt.
Only local stores are the charm of this place. Otherwise, pick a different city. You’ll get more enjoyment out of a pasture.
Plus, always hiring but never hires anyone.
Do yourself a favor and skip this town if you’re not here for food or Game King.
-10/10 Worst town in Oklahoma
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Lawton Oklahoma has been a wondrous town to live in. From their Military Base, to their Natural Wildlife, Lawton has it all. It's able to keep the "small town" feel, as long as with regular sites you would see in larger cities.
I've lived in Lawton for the past 13 years. Growing up here, I really didn't think much about the little town I was residing in, but now as an adult, I can truly see what this town holds; nothing. The city itself isn't so bad, it's simply the lack of entertainment, shopping centers and educational facilities. There are no proper places in town that the youth can go to and safely have fun like in a common recreational center. Since Lawton is a military town, majority of its citizens are retired veterans of the various branches of the military. Not a very lively place, but is only a 2 hour drive from Oklahoma City.
The Good Old Boy System runs this town, local government officials use taxpayer money on Pet Projects.
Its about as normal as a military town can be. The shopping could be better but it has a good university. it does seem to be building itself up, so that is something to look forward to in the future at least.
Has its good and bad neighborhoods just like everywhere else, but a sweet small town to raise a young family. Very affordable as well.
I like that my town is not too big, but not too small. And for the most part every one is very kind and friendly. If something were to change, it should be less money for the police department. And more money for education and people stuck in poverty.
Lawton homes the army base, Fort Sill. Although it is a small city with limited attractions, there is a wide selection of educational advancement opportunities. Once in-rolled, one can focus on their academic career as there is little distraction.
I love everything about my city. It's really diverse, so you get to connect with other cultures, and there's so much to do. We have one of the best military bases in the united state. We have a great view of the mountains. It's so many lakes and ponds to fish and swim. The cost of living isn't real high. You can raise your kids in my town. We have amazing schools. I love my city.
It’s not a terrible place to live, I just wish there were more opportunities for growth. They have great teachers at the schools, but there is sometimes a lack of support for the schools. There are things to do around here for families, but sometimes my family does go out of town to do more.
What I like about Lawton is how relatively cheap and my family here. It's not a super big city so everything is 15-30 minutes from me, including traffic. What I dislike about Lawton is that there is not much to do for teenagers and young adults here, most teens and young adults get bored and begin being violent and destroying the city and each other. I would like there to be more safe, productive activities here for younger people. I would like to see more positive changes and more organizations for the less fortunate community that we have in Lawton. I would like to see Lawton become a place that people want to stay in, not run from or a place that people want to stay in and not only stay because they are forced to and cannot afford to make it out.
I have lived in lawton just about my whole life. I've seen it grow and create more job opportunities which is a great thing for the local residents. Lawton is a military town which there is always the hustle and bustle of families moving in and moving out . Im so happy to see how far lawton has come and where it is going.
This town is great but it is boring. Crime rates are high because teenagers have nothing better to do. If there were more opportunities for teens crime rates would drop and revenue would rise.
Lawton is a decent city with not much to do. The mall is closing soon, so a major hangout and shopping district option is being taken away. The crime rate is fairly high, so the police is more concerned about gang violence then about jaywalking pedestrians. Most parts of Lawton, however, aren’t trouble causing or terrible looking.
Lawton has been my home for many years. You can get almost everywhere in town within 5minutes. There’s stores for almost every occasion. We’re growing fast.
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Lawton is small, changing town. I grew up here and I can tell Lawton is growing and getting more dangerous. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of nice and hardworking people, but there is just more crime and stuff like that happening lately. That didn't happen as much when I was growing up.
Lawton is close to Fort Sill, Oklahoma and has a diverse group of citizens. Unfortunately, there is not much for people to do except go to the casinos and bars. There is many shopping areas but just the typical stores, Wal-mart, Target, and Hobby Lobby.
Being a resident of Lawton my entire life, I have always had a love for this town. It does not have the feel of being a super small town like some of the ones surrounding it and it does not have the feel of a super busy city. I feel it is a perfect happy medium.
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