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Lawrenceville is a very "homey" town. There are lots of activities that go on and it is not overcrowded. One of the best parts about the town is the outdoor recreation options. There are several big parks where you can play different sports, bike, and run. It is a great place to live.
Actually i have not been there, and i have heard a lot of how interesting and fun the place is. The night life is superb and the food is very great.
Will love to go there and experience the beautiful things that i have seen and read about lawrenceville.
A close-knit diverse community that is willing to help each other in times of need. Extremely accepting of different cultures and backgrounds.
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Cute town, loved here most of my life. Definitely would be considered suburbia. Streets are safe to walk after dark and very family friendly.
A nice and quiet town. Lots of trees and nature around. The nearby park has a big lake and is quite relaxing to walk around in. Has two nearby bowling alleys. The only reason I give four stars is because the nearby grocery store has closed down with no plans for replacement. It was very convenient, affordable, and only a minute away. We were able to find another grocery store but it is still quite out of the way compared to the old one.
I love Lawrenceville! It is extremely diverse, lots of wonderful job opportunities and many great places to eat and have fun.
What I like about Lawrenceville is that it's a safe place to reside in there are no worries about anything it's a safe place and theres no trouble at all. Lawrenceville is a community that is highly reccommended to anyone who looks for any quiet resident. Lawrenceville has a lot to offer.
Lawrenceville is a small town in New Jersey which is in between Princeton, Ewing, Trenton, and Hamilton. The town itself is a great town. The school system here is amazing, they people in charge care about their community to bring families and the children together. Living prices can be pricey, but that is New Jersey all together.
I like that Lawrence is a very friendly place to live. I am open to many opportunities when it comes to this area.
Lawrenceville is a community that can meet a lot of your needs and wants with its proximity to major cities and beaches and mountains. It is a well-established community with little future development and a diverse population within the township. The community has much to offer families in terms of education, recreation and high quality of life.
It's a nice town to live in and it's very diverse. I wouldn't change anything about it. It's the perfect place for families.
Wonderful town and village - noted as having "restaurant row" in NY Times magazine, the village offers many restaurants, adorable ice cream shop, Starbucks and one of the best bakeries around - The Gingered Peach. Lawrence has exceptional elementary schools - where many of us were embraced by a warm and caring community. Great for our family with parks, bike trails, Terhune Farms, and the convience of being close to so much. I commuted years to NYC and the Hamilton Train center was just 12 minutes away. A 10 -20 minute drive can land you in so many other neighboring towns - Princeton, Pennington, Lambertville, even Bucks County which allows for a lot of fun and exploring. Getting to Philadelphia and NYC is convenient but many of us left the cities and found amazing job opportunities in Lawrence. Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters nearby. Lawrence has so much to offer while offering lower taxes than neighboring towns. Truly a special place to live and to raise a family.
Lawrence is a great town. Convenient to Princeton with houses at a fraction of the price and property taxes. Lots of open space and organic farms. The public school system is great with a strong high school offering more honors and AP classes than neighboring schools.
Beautiful, quiet community. Nice location. Walking distance to a number of local independent businesses, a post office, one elementary school, restaurants, and one Starbucks. A park, including a dog park, and open space/walking trails are also within walking distance. Convenient location two miles from Interstate I-95, and located 3 miles South of Princeton Township and more affordable. Local farms located nearby that offer locally grown produce. Must travel a bit to find night life and grocery stores.
It's a nice suburban area to live and raise children in. They are currently building it up to be more of a little city feel area which will add more appeal to the town.
My hometown of Lawrenceville, NJ is a lovely area to live in. I was raised here since the age of 8 months old. I attended elementary, grade, middle and high school here. There are very nice, homey neighborhoods throughout Lawrenceville, and there are very welcoming developments too. I was raised in a towne home setting that consisted of a community pool and small families neighborhood. I couldn't think of a better place to be raised by a single, devoted mother.
As a young person, having grown up in Lawrenceville has provided me with just enough humdrum and banality to push myself to do whatever I can to get out. It is the quintessential suburban American town, with the added layer of minimal opportunities for youth to broaden their world perspective. The only asset I can say is that it is close enough to the big cities of Philadelphia and New York City, both hubs for cultural enrichment.
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The town of Lawrenceville, New Jersey was and has been a great place for youths to be nurtured. The educational system, both public and private, are exceptional. There are always sports for youths and young adults to get involved in, public park lands are well maintained, and the crime rate is low. The community of the town has always brought youths and adults together in a manner that celebrates the tranquility of several microcosms within the area. The diversity of citizens coexist harmoniously wherein many cultures provide flavors of several heritages. One thing that should change, however, for the town of Lawrenceville is social shattering of youths brought on by internet-accessing devices. Nowadays, the once bustling youth groups which would enjoy the company of each other playing and touring outdoors have now found themselves isolated among their rooms communicating artificially with each other. Additionally, the town has not become a hot spot for young professionals.
I love my home town. On the outskirts of Princeton there's alot to do and everywhere feels like home. There's the cutest little main street with over priced ice cream and an coffee shop with coffee cups as light fixtures. And what I love most about Lawrenceville cannot be pin pointed to one thing because it's everything.
Great, safe environment for family. They have a great school system, nice neighbors, they plow the snow promptly.
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