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I am not a resident in Lawrence Park, but I live just outside of the community. The high school I attend, Iroquois High School, is located in Lawrence Park. Mostly everybody I know is a resident in the town. The community is full of good, friendly people that are a joy to be around.
Lawrence Park is a very family friendly town with lots to do. There are events for holidays, and a lot of family friendly fun things to do during the summer. I feel safe living here, as do my neighbors. Everyone helps everyone. I couldn't ask for a better family oriented town to live in.
I like the feel of the smallish town right by the city of Erie. The town houses are cute and pretty affordable. It is overall safe, and there are multiple parks for children. Iroquois school is mediocre, however.
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It's a very small area but it has the local police barracks and a state police barracks so officers are out and about at all times and it feels safe
I think this place is great. Its small and the community helps each other as much as possible.
There is a lack of things to do in Erie, giving it a not-so-fun atmosphere. There are very limited options when it comes to a day out, or a shopping day. You are pretty much confined to very few things. There are never big concerts here, nor is there good shopping. I believe that for being a 'big' town, (population over 100,000) the ranking of Erie is sub par to nearly any area of about the same size.
Erie is known for its sunsets over Presque Isle, our miles of beaches. This is a huge draw to many southern Pennsylvanians. The Roar on the Shore is also nationally known and people from all over America travel to participate in it.
If you can overlook the harsh winters, Erie is a very safe place to live, in regards to natural disasters. They are far and few between, but because of the proximity to Lake Erie, winters are long-lived and harsh.
Downtown Erie is bustling with bars, pubs, and taverns. These also extend outside of downtown. Down town, some favorites include: Molly Brannigan's, The Tap House, Pufferbelly's, Rum Runner's, and 1201 Kitchen. Outside of downtown, favorites include: Ricardo's, Park Tavern, Fiddle Inn, Nunzi's, and Barbatos. All of these restaurants are family owned, non-chain restaurants. There is a great variety of food and drink all within about a 10 minute radius.
Although the classifieds always list jobs, they are usually either for very skilled people, or something unappealing. The job outlook for Erie is declining, especially with the moving of General Electric to Texas. Most people simply work in corporate buildings, factories, or else the ordinary, run-of-the-mill job (grocery store, gas station). There is really nothing unique about the job economy in Erie.
Erie is becoming a more urban city every day. Big business is encroaching on all life in Erie. But, contrary to popular belief, our town is not all it is said to be. There are few business titans in Erie that make mom and pop shops so overshadowed.
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