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Lawrence is right on the outskirts of Indianapolis. It has become more urbanized in the last 15-20 years. It's always going to be home to me. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of homicides, and other major crimes. The school dyste is a little better than public schools Of Indianapolis.
I've lived in Lawrence almost my entire life. The township cares deeply for their students, and it feels safe. There's always tons of children running around and playing by my home, and it isn't too far away from the stores.
I worry about the crime rate and lack of moderate end retail establishments. The only trendy area of Lawrence is Ft. Harrison and that is helping with trendy eateries, but not with retail, boutique shopping
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lawrence is a wonderful city to live in. i would definitely recommend me it for family that have children
Lawrence Township actively engages with it's residents and the youth in many ways. Mostly recognized is the youth basketball, football, and soccer organizations that the township funds and hosts.
Great community to live in. Former military base so the area is safe and peaceful place to raise a family. Local YMCA was established in 1997, great place for kids to learn and grow in a structured environment.
Lawrence is a diverse community that appreciates education and youth sports. Lawrence is a great place to raise a family regardless of race or income. With its quick access to parks, Lawrence is built around the idea that families come first.
I've lived in Lawrence for about 2 years now and I can honestly say that my experience here is just alright. It isnt far from any mall or restaurant. There are plenty of things to do on the weekends. The only downside is that the particular area that i live in is a rough area. Overall the community is alright and i dont plan on moving for at least a few more years
Lawrence Township Schools have pretty good education systems; the students aren't bombarded with too many standardized tests and the majority of teachers are high quality and highly qualified. The schools each have a specialization, for example, Winding Ridge Elementary is focused on performing arts and Oaklandon is focused on environmental science. Around Lawrence, police can be seen making rounds almost every day, but they aren't aggressive, so it feels safe. In nearly every area around Lawrence, there are sit-in restaurants, fast food restaurants, and grocery stores within 5 minutes of driving. There's a lot of entertainment areas too, like laser tag venues and arcades.
I live in Lawrence Township and find it very diverse. My neighborhood is very quiet and family oriented. Everything is close by, even downtown Indianapolis is only a 30 minute drive.
It's the east side of Indianapolis, however it is a better section of it. You'll get the occasional drunk driver or vandal but most of the people in the neighborhood are retirees living off of medicaid and good families with young children.
I have not had any safety issues or concern here. Although I have witnessed some minor crimes, they police were quick to respond and had treated the individuals with respect no matter their race. The only time there had been a serious issue, the officers had explained the situation with care and respect to the people. Due to my chaotic work schedule, I usually don't pay attention to look for the police in my day to day operation.
The neighborhood is better than most that I've lived in growing up. I love this area. It has all three schools tiers within walking distance when my wife and I plan on having children. The neighbors are friendly and help watch each other's homes. There are two community parks within a five-minute drive. There is a grocery store that has been in business over 30 years less than 2 miles from my house. While I don't currently have children, I would like to see the schools develop more.
There is not a lot of crime
Other than our tire being stolen of the car it is a great area
For the most part it is a great area except lately there has been some petty theft going on. A few weeks ago they stole a tire of one of our cars.
Its an ok neighborhood where I live at. Most of the time it is quiet,there is not a lot of crime that I am aware of. People are friendly and smile but not overly friendly. There are a lot of kids that live in my neighborhood, they play outside but aren't disrupitve or loud. The most noise I hear are other dogs and the lawnmowers, other than that it is pretty quiet.
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There are not robberies every night but they happen often enough to where I would love to see a bigger crack down on the crime. There are many cops and they do a good job of doing their job, but the crime is increasing.
The area that i live in is getting worse than it was when my family first moved here. There is more crime, sexual predators that are registered online are moving in, and it is safe to say that I am nervous when I am outside at night. I have definitely seen worse on television but I also know, somewhat, what those people are going through.
Police are present and attentive. Crime doesn't seem to be very prevalent at all. It is a safe community and a great place to live.
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