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Recently bought a house in Laurel and I've been very happy with the community overall. People willing to help one another, great neighbors, and a lot of family-friendly activities. 4th of July was great.
Laurel is a small town, but still has a Walmart and is only a 25 minute drive to Billings. A perk of being here, though, is that everyone is friendly. You get to know a lot of different people by living here.
The part of laurel I loved most was the fourth of July firework show every year in Thompson park. Laurel's Public school is amazing so many wonderful people willing to help you I love laurel so much and I am grateful to all the teachers that helped me throughout my high school career.
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I've been going to school in laurel for many years and I've done many activities with my community. If you are looking for a small town with friendly faces and plenty of food choices, you've come to the right place. If there is a need in the community, neighbors are more than willing to help out. There's family events, good schools, and you can't beat our fourth of July fireworks show. There is a wide variety of churches available, and only a short drive away is Billings. Great town.
Laurel is not the safest place. There are many thefts that go on in that town. There is also a lot of partying. The academics at the public school are not very good. The teachers don't care if students pass or fail. They are very into their sports and that is it. However, it does have a very small town feel which is nice.
A friendly town that has two grocery stores, schools for youth aged children, many churches and a great community. Beautiful little town that is not far from Billings,MT.
i like that it is a small place so u have safety there and the school are good the people are nice and there are stuff always to do there needs a little work tho but all in all laurel is a good place
Love it in Laurel Montana. Mountains with in an hour drive. Quite town with several stores. Billings is just 10 minutes away. Great place for families young or old.
Laurel has a great atmosphere. The community is great and very family oriented. The town offers lots of parks and recreations for the kids. There is always some sort of game at the local high school. The whole community conveys home town pride with their support in all areas of life. Proud to be from laurel Montana.
Many people who live here now, have lived here their whole lives. The majority of the town goes out to support all the local sports teams, especially events at the high school. Everyone enjoys each other's company.
The cost of living here is VERY cheap! The houses are very good quality, and most properties are filled with families. My entire town is safe for living, the only part of town with lesser quality homes is the south side, but they are still nice quality houses.
There is not very much crime in my town. The most common crime is small vandalism, but even that rarely happens.
I would continue to live there, although I want to see whats out there.
I honestly love everything about the wide open spaces in Montana. The cost of living maybe a bit outrageous in some cases, but otherwise it's pretty decent.
Laurel is a great place to raise kids and have a family. It is a very safe and friendly environment, with very little crime. I have loved growing up here, and I enjoy the company of the people I have met. Laurel is slowly growing in size, but still remains an enjoyable place to live. It is easily one of the top small towns in the country.
The health and fitness in this area is pretty evenly balanced out. There are some that are overweight, some that are underweight, and others that are perfectly level. The workout facilities are pretty well used and easily accessible for an appropriate amount of a monthly fee.
In my opinion, I don't believe there are many vacant or abandoned properties. You don't really see them around the neighborhood. The cost of housing is kind of outrageous, but not to bad. The utilities are decently priced. The best areas to reside are in the small towns. The small towns are close knit communities that help each other.
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I feel very safe and secure where I live and in the surrounding areas. The crime rate is kind of nonexistent, I mean it's there but not very noticeable. You can see the police running around the neighborhoods quite regularly.
The weather in Montana is pretty decent. If you're from Montana, we always say if you don't like the weather right now, wait about five minutes, and it will change.
The food and drink options are well enough. I would like to see more of a bigger option to choose from. The food proportions to the price have somewhat deteriorated, but not much.
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