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Las Vegas, NM is a very historically rich area, with some famous historic sites one can check out, such as ares of the Santa Fe Trail, the Castaneda Hotel (a former Harvey House), one of many Andrew Carnegie Libraries, a United World College site nearby in Montezuma, and many others. All areas in town are easily accessible, and within a 5-10 minute drive. Overall it's a calm and stable place to be if one pursue a healthy and stable lifestyle.
Las Vegas has very nice people. I would like to change ho shielded from the world everyone is in this town.
It is quiet and all the people are very welcoming. The town is small but it feels like a town that hugs you. There are little amount of schools around, and a lot of help is needed in town. The people there are very supportive.
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Small little town where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. I am a native of Las Vegas and have lived here my entire life. It is rich in history and has a lot to offer despite its size. There isn't much to do here late and most businesses close before or at 10.
Small town but very friendly. A lot of history in this town as well. Amazing scenery and mountains surrounding the town. Not much entertainment in this town besides a small movie theater that only seats about 50 people. Las Vegas also has a Drive In movie theater! Very rare to come across now a days.
Living in New Mexico has brought me closer with culture. Partaking in events taking place every year during the summer time at the Las Vegas plaza. it brings our community together as well as inviting tourists to understand our community.
Over priced on rent and the landlords are horrible. If you are not from the town you will struggle to find a job.
The city is full of history yet the people living there today are fighting the shadow of what Las Vegas used to be and not fighting for what the city needs to become. The colleges nearby bring the town life and good vibes.
Would love to see more beautification of the city. More money to the public school system is always a plus. It would also be great if more of a nightlife was available.
All aspects of education needs to improve.More activities to do in las vegas new mexico More higher paying jobs need to come into las vegas nm
Great city! Very nice people. A lot of tourists from all over ther world. Really is a beautiful view from the strip area.
OMG. Some people are really friendly especially those that have been exposed to other cultures or traveled a lot more outside Las Vegas. Working at the City of Las Vegas, is something else. If you are not related to anyone or those not have a particular last name; then do not waste your time. They are very incompetent people there and they hate each other.
I love the friendliness and diversity of Las Vegas. There are many great restaurants and cafes with great food and nice people. I wish there was more opportunity for expansion since this little town has so much potential, however, the closed minded locals and business owners keep Las Vegas small.
When I moved here from Missouri in 2007, I found that there is less judgment and institutional racism here when compared to the small town where I was living. I also found that there is a lot more community support for struggling people. It's a place where everybody seems to know everyone else. There's a really friendly small town mentality here.
The only thing I would like to see change here is to have more activities for the youth, and young adults. It seems that the only thing to do for anyone under 21 is drive through Wal-Mart parking lot until you're bored out of your mind. The only thing to do over 21 is go to the various bars around town. There are a few things you can do here besides drink or "cruise" such as the drive-in during summer months, or a 2 lane bowling alley on the plaza. But your options here are fairly limited when it comes to entertainment.
One of the most friendly, temperate, and beautiful places I've been to in NM. other cities are hot but Las Vegas; it's an oasis with it's mountain air, hot springs, scenic hikes, and good foods.
Las Vegas has some many different opportunity to look around to get your head clear, the mountains the river walk and much more
Las Vegas is such a small town, and the people that live there are the reason for it. their negativity hold the town back completely. I live near Las Vegas and I don't use it for anything other than taking my kids to school there. If I could afford to drive 45 miles everyday twice a day to take my kids to school in Santa Fe I definitely would.
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Nice quite town, originally lived in Florida for 20yrs
So easy to drive. No traffic. Only 45 min to Santa Fe, which Is what it took to go anywhere in Florida traffic just 15 miles away. I've lived here for a year now and things are starting to pick up, neighbors are friendly and we all get together and help clean up the Ally's and each others landscaping /yards. Weather is beautiful! It's so nice to have change in seasons, unlike swamp a** Florida. Only complaint is There are too many cops for this town and will pull you over for no reason especially if you have out of state tags! There court system sucks, I drive responsible and never got pulled over in Florida EVER! Got pulled over 3 times in one month, I have a dash Cam and got them all thrown out! Beware 80% of the stop signs are faded and are very hard to see and the light change fast. Other than that I love it here, fresh water lake for the jetski, just a short drive to the hot springs and raspberry ranch.
Small town, safe place to live, everything within walking distance. People know each other and care about each other. People check on others and insure that they are safe and have things that they need such as food, medication, heat, etc.
I especially love the friendliness of the community members. Las Vegas, New Mexico is a small city that has wonderful family-owned restaurants and an artsy down-town area. It is home of the United World College, Luna Community College and New Mexico Highlands University. The surrounding areas include Pendaries Golf Course and the Montezuma Hot Springs. Not much nightlife activity for this family friendly city but many opportunities for fun outdoor activities! Las Vegas, New Mexico is the perfect place to live a healthy lifestyle and to raise a family!
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