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Despite Las Vegas being a city catered towards adults and tourists, there are still things that teenagers and kids can do. From adults to other teens, everyone I have met here in Las Vegas is friendly and caring—making me feel like I genuinely matter. However, it seems as if Las Vegas is neglected in terms of education; Nevada, as a whole, is last out of all fifty states. I would like to see tax dollars, tourist and casino money go towards education to support and give students the materials they need to become successful. it would help the city of Las Vegas as well as the state of Nevada to increase our place in education.
summerlin area has so much more to offer than would be expected. 20 minutes and you are in the mountains with snow or the lake. The people are very nice and proximity to many beautiful places is great.
Don’t use silver dollar transportation lost our luggage out of the back of there van owner won’t pay for there mistake ,the owner is rude and won’t pay us for our luggage that they lost ,maybe all hotels should ban this company, and Las Vegas transportation authority should take there license
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I've lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years. I call it home. Nice town with a lot of potential. Recently a study showed that many people are moving to Las Vegas because the cost of living is very affordable. The majority of the people that moved to Las Vegas are Californians. As we all know California is super expensive vs Las Vegas.
Las Vegas is an ideal place to live. You are able to easily get from one side to the other in 30 minutes. Everything is open late. The weather is nice, but can get extreme sometimes. Overall it's a place full of excitement and one that never sleeps! Nothing better than the view of the strip at night!
Las Vegas is a good place to live. Sin city, home of gambling. However, homelessness has been an issue to the people of Las Vegas.
Some places you have to be careful and some places are the best places. You never know what you're in for. Overall, its a ride or die. People lived here by force. Others are borned and raised here.
Las Vegas is such a beautiful place. It is filled with diversity and many good people. There is always something to do there no matter what age you are or what time it is. Las Vegas is great for both tourists and residents as well. My main concern is that the cleanliness of the town could be better and the public schools need a ton of help.
Las Vegas isn’t lacking in 24/7 entertainment. The restaurants are amazing, and of course the Strip is what people generally come here to see. The attractions I find worthwhile are outside of the city though. The Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, Redrock Canyon, and Mount Charleston are really the places worth seeing.
Although there is nothing much to do outside of the main tourist areas, there are relaxing neighborhoods all around, especially in southern Las Vegas. However, there are harsh incidents that occur every day, so we always have to be careful.
I love the city so much. I have lived here my whole life and I am still never bored in this city. The sunsets in Las Vegas are so amazing and when it gets darks, that is when the city shines and you can see how beautiful it is.
Vegas is a great place to visit, but not for long term stay. There is a lot of people who come here to be rich and are manipulative. There are many places to drink, gamble, and party. Although it is only beneficial if you are over 21 and have a lot of money to spend. If you are looking for a place to retire it may be a great place for you. I don’t recommend moving to Las Vegas with kids or people starting families.
I would like to see all the gang violence change! In my neighborhood there are a lot of houses that are drug houses and there are so many kids playing outside all the time it’s just not safe. There was a Dead body found in a dumpster at the apartment complex across the street.
People are very money-focused, rude, no manners, and selfish. I’m from the south where people are much nicer.
Las Vegas is a very unique city. I wouldn't change a thing about it. There's no place that could come close to vegas. Las vegas is the only place you'll see traffic no matter what time of the day or night it is. Same goes for the stores, those are always open. The thing that really makes las Vegas stand out is the strip, the blinding bright lights and the crowds of people bumping shoulder to shoulder. It's one beautiful city!
Las Vegas is a very great community, in general, I would like to see a change in Nevada in the rate of homelessness and for better communities to be more diverse with job opportunities and opportunities to be successful.
Las Vegas is one of the better cities for living. Here you can find good locations where you can have fun with your friends and family. Schools here are good as well.
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Las Vegas has made me the person I am today. I was born and raised here in Las Vegas. Though the high crime rate here, that has taught me to be aware of my surroundings 24/7. The constant flow of tourist has brought me to get to know some people from close end far, as far at Spain!
I have grown up in Las Vegas my whole entire life. As a teenager there is not much to do at all, you can only go to the mall and movies a certain amount of times before it gets old. If you are just visiting though, it is perfect for having an amazing time to go all out.
My experience in las vegas is a very good experience because it has a great amount of diversity and it is very family friendly even though there is a lot of tourism and nightlife for adults.
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