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This is such a great little town, the people are nice, everything you need is here, and even when it's cold it's usually bright outside.
Feel like you actually get involved with the community. Would like to see more growth and change of thinking and new businesses that aren’t traditional.
Laramie is pretty interesting as a college town. It has an old-west feel with some of the perks of college towns such as good restaurants including a vegetarian restaurant. You will enjoy your commute since you will likely be 5 to 10 minutes away from everything. Laramie is one of the highest altitude cities and it gets very windy and cold in the winter. As long as you bundle up, it's no too bad. The fans at UW are diehards and there are plenty of sports-related activities. Laramie is also close to the mountains and there is some good hiking nearby. Turtle Rock is an interesting hike with very unusual rock formations. There is a cute downtown area in Laramie which is nice for shopping. Walmart is the main offering, however, as a large store. Laramie is a very pet-friendly city and
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Laramie is an awesome place to raise kids! There is so many things to do such as go bowling go to the mountains fishing and exedera I definitely recommend moving to Wyoming the college is another big attraction but we love our home!
I really enjoy Laramie especially in the summers. It is at point were it isn't too big and isn't to small. Though the winters can get cold and sometimes dangerous when the college students come because they aren't familiar with driving on snow. Overall a good, clean town, that is enjoyable to live in.
Laramie is a great town to live in. There is always a small town feeling that you get when you are here that you wouldn't get anywhere else.
It's one of Wyoming's bigger cities. It has a small-town feel to it. It's not the worst town in Wyoming, however for a university town, there is very little to do. There are more bars than places to buy clothes. For the most part, the people are nice but there a lot of roughnecks that come out of the trailer parks that surround the area.
We love it here. Theres a great community here. The people are nice, the schools are great and the restaurants are amazing. The fact that it's a college town makes it a little much to handle sometimes. But we do it.
Close to Cheyenne, so there's shopping and good food, but small town enough to be safe and secure. You can leave your door unlocked and you won't have problem. Neighbors are nice! they say hello, they care about you and that part is very nice. We are refugees from California, we hated it there. Crime was terrible, politics were horrible and the Realestate market was insane! Not here!
I love and hate Laramie for its size! I wish it were bigger and that the town was updated in multiple areas like the downtown, things to do and overall appearance, but i also appreciate that it is a small town in Wyoming that many people see as homey and a get away from the larger cities and states surrounding it. Laramie is a great college town and somewhere I will continue to appreciate for its small town personality the longer I am here and for years after i am gone.
No matter the season there is always something to do. Perfect for the outdoors type. Great downtown shopping area. Awesome bars and food spots.
I came to Laramie to attend university when I was 23. Four years later at age 27 I’m still here, own and operate a business and am a resident. I like Laramie a lot, but it lacks people my age and things to do other than go to the mountains or to the bars on the weekends. I wish there was a solid late 20’s culture here. It’s more college students and older people with families. Laramie is a great place to raise a family, but needs more for the young adults!
Laramie is a small, simple college town in middle of nowhere (Wyoming). But, despite this, Laramie has character. You can typically only find character in places such as New York, Los Angeles, or other big cities. Laramie has so many opportunities and caring citizens that it shines in comparison to other small towns. Laramie has a cute downtown full of local businesses and restaurants, which makes it fun to explore each and every one of them. Nature surrounds Laramie so you can always take a quick drive 10 minutes to go on a scenic hike, or a 30 minute drive to go camping or skiing. Either way, there are always things to do, people to meet, and adventures to be had in Laramie.
Laramie was okay. There really isn't mush to do unless you want to go bowling or to the movies every weekend.
I came from San Diego, California to Laramie, Wyoming to attend college. As someone who was born and raised in California, this was a major change. But a great one! Laramie opened my eyes to a small college town. The residents are super kind and there is a large focus on the University of Wyoming. A great college experience where I have met life-long friends!
Laramie is such an adventurous town. The mountains are close and the summers are just heaven on earth!
Laramie is a wind chilled, oil plane with incredibly affordable tuition at the University of Wyoming. The University is the centerpiece of the town which is otherwise a random assortment of service stations and off campus housing with highly variable quality. The culture is nostalgic of the western frontier with many euphemisms of 'The Cowboy State'. Rodeo sporting is common along with alcoholism and libertarian optics. Bar culture is enhanced past the usual extent of collegiate life with a myriad of close proximity options available for 'hopping'. Resident makeup is largely the student population, but is followed in size by a working class of empty nesters. Cumulatively, Laramie offers the unique niches offered by small towns yet fails to come to terms with modernity.
The community here is pretty good. The only problem is that the streets and sidewalks need to be maintained better. Pot holes are horrible and some streets around town should be smoothed out better.
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I love living in Laramie. Moving here has been one of the best decisions I have made. The culture here is great! There is always something to do in town. Since there are so many activities, you are always getting to meet people.
Laramie is a warm and welcoming town. The blend of small town and unique history make it a true jewel. While it can be crowded when college is in session the summers are mild and gorgeous, and there are amazing local finds everywhere!
Laramie is the perfect small town for those seeking to venture out to the state of Wyoming, its the defining a great college town the only downside is during the winter it can be very cold but at the same time perfect weather for skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers. The night life here is exactly how you’d picture a college town here in Wyoming, lots of bars and you get to meet people from all over the place. All and all it’s a great place to live and has one of the best colleges in the country. Lived here for 2 years and I have no regrets making the move down here.
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