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Lancaster is my home town and my experience has been alright. There are beautiful and wonderful parts of town and there are scary and ugly parts of town. Downtown is beautiful and it has been flourishing lately.
I have lived here for about 4-5 years. The city is okay for what it is. Decent schools, plenty of stores and restaurants, and many churches and old buildings. The activities held there are fun, as well! We have an art walk where artists can sell and buy art, fairs and festivals, and downtown is the place to be for amazing small businesses.
Lancaster has an active and reborn downtown. Nice community to raise a family. Lancaster also offers a strong Catholic School System PreK through High School that includes two elementary school a middle school and high school
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Rising park located in Lancaster is fun for all ages no matter what season. The character of downtown is beautiful, and the shops and restaurants will never leave you bored.
its a poor city in Ohio. Not much to do if you don't do drugs. Columbus isn't too far though. School district is okay.
Not much to do unless you go searching. Things have changed over time. The area is starting to get better from what it had been in the past few years.
Not very diverse, no nightlife, very negative community, lack of income, mostly old people and old ways, little well paying jobs, lots of crime and drugs, poor family structures
Its a decent town to live in and the schools are okay. But, over time (as the city grows) more drugs have moved into the city.
Lancaster is a small town located southeast of Columbus Ohio. The small town of Lancaster has a nice assortment of activities such as swimming, hiking, eating, and one of a kind activities. We have a drive in movie theatre that is always a great experience, local restaurants that will keep you running back for more.
Its a small town so it doesn't take long to get anywhere but, like any town, it has good and bad areas. The bad areas are full of drugs and crime.
Lancaster Ohio is horrible. The tax payers’ money is not used accordingly. The police never solve crimes. I lived in Lancaster since February of 2016 till February of 2019 and there were multiple break ins in the neighborhood I lived in. My neighbors garage was broken into and I reported it. The dispatcher I spoke with told me “ Your the neighbor you can’t report the break in”. I was astounished when she said this. What police dispatcher tells a citizen they can’t report a crime! A bad one! Stay away from this place. Lancaster Ohio is a get big town!
I love Lancaster! It has an amazing school system and lots of great restaurants. Sanctions is my favorite restaurant in town.
Lancaster Ohio is a great small town. I attend Lancaster High School and participate on the track team. In my free time I love to go downtown and walk around and talk to the people. Everyone is very friendly and I have not had a problem. I work as a Lifeguard for the Lancaster City Parks and Rec, they are very organized and keep on top of everything.
There is not much to do in Lancaster. There is a lot of drug activity and I do not feel safe by myself. Downtown is nice but other than that there is not much.
More commercial than it was 10 years ago. Nice city to raise a family. Public parks are great. Many family oriented things to do. The police force is some of the best men and woman. They believe in protecting and SERVING the community.
Lancaster is where I grew up. 30 years ago I would have given it a 3 1/2 star. It’s a struggling town. Very little industry which is common anymore. The local government is charging more and more on the utilities and showing nothing for it. The streets have not had a true re paving since I was young. For a decade now they just patch things. You will find this all thru the city. Pothole capital. Crime... getting really bad with drugs and the life long population on assistance. Out skirt neighborhoods are your best choice but not that great either. Lancaster does put on a summer festival that many like. It’s Lancaster’s attempt at summer attraction but has never really pulled it off in its 30 years. Downtown night life is 3rd rate but many have tried to make it nice. Town just can’t bring it together. The county fair is Ohio’s last fair of the season and is a good time, pretty much Lancaster’s finer moments. Rush hour Traffic to COLUMBUS bad
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Lancaster is a nice little town in Lancaster. It’s downtown area is very nice and bustling with tasty restaurants and boutiques. Lancaster also has a “mountain” called Mt. Pleasant that is notable about our town. However I would like to see more business come to Lancaster, particularly within our shopping mall, which has taken a turn for the worst. Also, Lancaster is a very un-diverse town. I would love to see the town become more integrated.
Nice city, with beautiful parks and land marks..............................................................................................................................................!
In Lancaster, there is always something to do. No matter what time of the day/night it is, you can always find yourself somewhere that you didn't plan on being. Lancaster is well known for rising park and its main feature pleasant mountain. This attraction brings people from all over Ohio just to watch the sun set in a hammock on top of the mountain. Overall... Lancaster is somewhere that everyone wants to be and no one wants to leave.
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