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I love that everyone is so friendly in this community! I always feel comfortable everywhere I go, even if it's later at night because of the quality and protection of our police force. There's so many people who are willing to give a helping hand in this community and I plan to stay in this community for a long time.
Lakewood is an amazing place since I moved to America In 2012. School is close to my house and it’s where I met my bestfriend.
Lakewood is my hometown and I still enjoy living here. Everyone is nice and I feel safe. As a child, I always had support of my teachers and neighbors. My neighborhood was filled with families that had children around my age so i never felt alone. Everyone seemed to never mind that I was shy and different. My experience growing up in Lakewood has been good. I am noticing that there are more people moving into to Colorado and Lakewood seems to be a good spot for renting cheaper apartments and homes. I like that it is fairly close to the city, but also not too far away from the mountains.
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The neighborhood where I have been renting a home for about a year now in Lakewood, CO has treated my family and I well so far. The one and only bad thing is that the front street of our home is pretty dark; I would recommend that more street lights be added to those darker spots just for the residents sake and sanity.
Lakewood, Colorado is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on the west and extends nearly to the I-25 corridor on the east. At an elevation of 5,518 feet above sea level, it's unique location makes access to either the mountains or downtown Denver just minutes away! Lakewood students and parents enjoy the benefits of the award-winning Jefferson County School District. Outdoor enthusiasts appreicate the mulittide of paved and dirt hiking / biking / equestrian trails. Red Rocks Amphitheater in neighboring Morrison, Colorado hosts the musical legends of current and past genres, in addition to yoga events, outdoor movies and beer festivals, just to name a few. I'm proud to say Lakewood, Colorado is my home!
Lakewood, in general, feels very safe. There are a lot of things to do but not as crowded at Denver. By "things" I mean, art classes, fitness classes, rec centers, restaurants, movie theaters, retail shops of all sorts, paint your own ceramics shops, malls... just to name a few. Lakewood is close to Denver too, which means there is even more when it comes to nightlife activities. It is also fairly close to the mountains so one can enjoy winter and summer sports with a relatively short commute, but not have to live in the mountains to do so.
Lakewood is a large city that includes many great features such as its convenient proximity to Denver in addition to backing to the base of the Rocky Mountains. One of the best components to Lakewood is 6th avenue, an easily accessible freeway running to/from Denver that eventually becomes Highway 93 to Boulder, where I attend college, and connects many important parts of Colorado as well as the citizens.
Lakewood has become home to me. It has a little bit of everything that someone could ever look for in a community. There is nightlife, family friendly events and even some outdoor activities that don't cost you a dime.

Being located outside of Downtown Denver by about 20 minutes also provides a perk for those who want to feel like they are living in the big city, without the hassle of actually doing so.
I like how close Lakewood is to Denver; however, I sometimes wish there were some more activities a little bit closer to me to be able to do.
Lakewood is my home, there is a little bit of everything around here. It's the perfect distance from downtown if you'd like to visit the city and not too far from the mountains if you'd like to make a quite get away!
Lakewood is a clean and friendly city in the Denver area. I enjoyed the scenery along with the variety of healthy food options within the area. It is also conveniently located near one of the best schools in Colorado: Colorado School of Mines.
I have lived in Lakewood for over 32 years. I love Lakewood! This fall I had the opportunity to participate in a class for citizens to learn more about how the city operates.

Lakewood has great parks in great neighborhoods. Currently I live in the oldest neighborhood in Lakewood, called Two Creeks. It is very eclectic! There are homes with horses, goats, and chickens. Yet we are next to the Lakewood Country Club with high-end homes. The neighborhood association is informed and stays abreast of changes while keeping home owners included.
Lakewood is a pretty nice area. We are about 15 minutes away from Red Rocks amphitheater which super beautiful. There is a part of town called belmar which is good for the night life. But ever since the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado an increase of homelessness has caught my attention. Also the cost of living is increasing every year. For me, the natural beauty of the mountains and variability in the weather is worth it.
I love Lakewood Colorado it is a wonderful place to grow up the seasons are beautiful the people are really nice and diverse the schools are fairly close and there are quite a few places around to eat.
Lakewood is very diverse with its culture and experiences. It's an older town that is being updated more so it still contains that old and homey style while modernism is being added to new homes.
I feel very safe living in Lakewood, and it's less expensive than living in the city, you definitely get more bang for your buck. I also live really close to a retail/entertainment district called BelMar. While I wish there were more bar/restaurant options and maybe a bowling alley, what they do have there is great when you don't feel like going too far from home.
Living in Lakewood gives you easy access to both the mountains and Denver. It's not the safest neighborhood but coming from the 5-points area it is really not bad at all.
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Lakewood is a good place to live if you want to be close to downtown yet far enough to be its own city. It is easy to commute to many places in Lakewood, CO and very family oriented. There is no major night clubs or a lot of night life that goes on in Lakewood, we all like our sleep! And if not it only takes us 10-20 minutes to party all night downtown Denver.
Safe area close to downtown Denver, and also close to the mountains. 20 minute bike ride to downtown, 10 minutes by car, 15 by train. And close to the mountains for beating that ski traffic. Crime varies depending on location. Transit has greatly improved over the past few years. Only downside would be the cost of living, which in my opinion, is better than a lot of the other Denver suburbs.
Lakewood is still an up and coming area. It used to be very poor but they are working to give it a better reputation. The west side closer to the foothills is much better then the Eastside. I consider west of Wadsworth the better half. Crime is still relatively high over all and homes are still very expensive for what you’re getting. I’m giving three stars because I think there is hope that it will continue to get better.
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