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Lakewood is a great place to live with lots restaurants, stores, and schools. There are several public elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Lakewood is filled with many restaurants of every type. Throughout Lakewood there are gyms, grocery stores, offices, etc. Lakewood is filled with many diverse types of housing. There are townhomes, apartments, and single family homes. Many people love to be active in the community. People will go watch motocross at Thunder Valley, take their dog to the dog park, and even hike Green Mountain.
I've been living in Lakewood for 2 years now. The area is well lit at night, neighborhood's are friendly. Kids come out at night to ride their bikes, talk with friends and play without any worry from parents. I enjoy the quietness of the neighborhood. The neighbors don't hesitate to communicate with one another. The train station is less than half a mile away and grocery stores are walking distance of most homes. The only change I would recommend is a separate lounging area for pets in backyards, only because I have 3 children of my own that love to roll in grass, make mud pies and simply play around.
Very nice! Compared to where I use to live the neighborhood is extremely friendly. I walk my dog and people actually say hello to you. Its safer then what I am usually use to, and very vibrant in nature.
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Lakewood is the perfect city outside of Denver for families and living. Distance between downtown and the foothills is perfect and the wildlife can be very surprising for such a urban area.
Sloan’s lake is just right around the corner from lakeside which gives you two options in the area to do out and enjoy the day. Not to mention being 15 minutes from downtown Denver, the stadium and elitches amusement park. Lakewood is a beautiful neighborhood with plenty of fun things to enjoy!
I've lived in Lakewood for 9 years. It is been convenient for work & the schools have been great for my daughters. I rented for several years before choosing to buy a house in Lakewood.
I’ve lived in Lakewood for the past five years, wonderful community. I feel very safe here, not only with law enforcement but the community in general. Lots of opportunities for actives: beautiful parks, hiking, right near red rocks and I-70 to mountains, plus 15 minutes from downtown. Great location!
I like where it is geographically, between the mountains and the city of Denver. It is close to Golden, which feels small-town homey. What I like about Lakewood is the proliferation of parks, the welcoming residents and the amount of dog friendly spaces.
Lakewood is a nice city. I love the Belmar area. The only thing I would change is more dog parks. Lakewood is not as dog friendly as I would like.
I love living in Lakewood. There are a lot of great restaurants and things to do. It’s close to Denver, but far away enough to not feel like you’re living in the hustle and bustle of the city.
The area I live in is beautiful. It is nearby to Belmar and there are several parks. The parks are spacious and well-kept. The neighborhoods have tall trees and it is a beautiful place to live. The neighborhood is safe and I have never been concerned about my safety living in Lakewood. There are several restaurants and stores in the area. I especially like the King Soopers on Allison. They have a good sized vegan food and product selection, as well as a large natural product section.
Neatly kept and the people are kind. People help each other and say hello. It's a pleasant place for your children to play. There are beautiful parks and convenient shopping.
I love Lakewood! We live in a very Catholic neighborhood and I love it! If you want a neighbor full of kind people who are always willing to help you come here. Even though I'm only 13 I love it here. There are plenty of schools and churches in the area if you have kids or if you belong to any religion. The houses are actually becoming more expensive so get here quick.
It's very quiet and subtle here. My neighbors are friendly. The only thing that bothers me is the affordability. It's a little expensive and I am thinking about finding another place here in Lakewood that is cost friendly. Other than that, I must say I really like it here.
I've lived in Lakewood for most of my life, and it's a great neighborhood that I know my friends and I have looked forward to raising our families in.
Lakewood is a beautiful city to live in. I grew up there and now only live about 10 minutes away from my childhood home. The abundance of stores and the diversity of people is skyrocketing. The mountain views also don't hurt. All of these things and more make Lakewood a very desirable destination to live.
Lakewood in my neighborhood has a lot of horse and alpaca farms. Easy commute because I just get right on 285 east and it drops me right off at work.
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I love Lakewood. I come from Highlands Ranch, and Lakewood is so much more laid back. I never have to sit in traffic. I'm minutes away from everything i need. I can drive 20 min west, and i'm in the mountains, or 15 min east, and i'm downtown.
The town is more crowded than it ever used to be but there are some good spots in it. There are however many shopping areas and it is close to Denver.
Lakewood is a nice suburb of Denver. I find that it's very central to everything else because Denver is just about 10-15 minutes away, and the mountains are a short drive just to the West also. Lakewood seems to be very safe too which is nice; I don't feel uncomfortable as a single female walking around with my dog at night or running to the store. Even though they are suburbs, there are some good restaurants, golf courses, and other activities locally. The rent is probably a bit higher than some other areas, but it is pretty comparable.
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