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The Downtown area needs some improvement. There is a need for more restaurants and businesses that are first different from nearby communities and then a diverse selection other than the same business duplicated. There is a need for more of a community center or at least a teen center for kids to hang out without getting into trouble. It would be nice to have more businesses that were catered towards families. There seems to be a mish mash look to the Downtown area. There needs to be a push for people who want to live and work in the area, not just have a home and commute. There has been a lot of improvement made in the local parks and bike trails, but there could be more outdoor recreational areas or music concert venues. Also, there is no coop or healthy living stores that would offer continuous year round options to standard grocery store like Trader Joes or Fresh Thyme.
I grew up in Lakeville and I love the people that live here. Every weekend all the neighbor kids play games which are where many of my childhood memories were formed. It is a very safe place to live and my parents appreciated that aspect. It is a great area for babysitting, which I did often, and Lakeville is a very cleanly city. Overall, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.
Lakeville is an absolutely amazing city to live in. The people in this town are fantastic and friendly and engaging. The schools in this district are top notch and the people working in them are truly invested in the students lives. There are activities in Lakeville year round. Overall it truly is a fantastic city.
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It has a small town feel, but it is close to the cities. It is very safe and one of the best cities in Minnesota. The southern Twin Cities suburbs have some incredible schools, but Lakeville schools rank among the best. Lakeville North High School represents the more modern and wealthy suburbs, while Lakeville South is more rural. Overall, it is a good place to live if you do not mind freezing.
I like that Lakeville is a safe city and that it is very family oriented. However, it is a bit expensive to live in Lakeville and finding a job close to Lakeville is difficult.
Lakeville is a great community to live in. There are a lot of parks and walking/bike paths. There is a lot of fun community events. The only thing to improve is the number of restaurants/dining options.
I lived here for awhile and I enjoyed the time! Close to the city and the country side.
A little expensive and there's not much to do but the city is well kept, clean, and the people are nice.
I lived in Lakeville for about a year and I very much enjoyed my time there. However the long commute is a drag! The people are friendly and have beautiful parks all around! I would definitely live there again!
Lakeville is a great town to raise a family. A town in which you do not have to conform to any social or political norms. We have extremely developed area, as well as farm land.
Originally a farming town, much of Lakeville and its citizens seem to be holding on to their farming roots while the rest of Lakeville is moving on to modern times. Not much diversity and racism is present even within the schools. Many people seem to get stuck here. The night scene is slowly getting better with the recent addition of the brewery.
It is a great city to grow up in. It is very residential, but friendly, active, and safe. There are a lot of neighborhoods and it is a growing community. There is not much nightlife or exciting things to do, however, there are nearby cities with a lot of fun things. The heart of Minneapolis is about 30 minutes away which is great for having fun.
Great schools, education, athletics, and housing. There are some issues with racism and sexism that MUST be addressed in the near future. Overall a great community and a great place to raise children.
Lakeville is a very family friendly city, there are a lot of great schools, housing options and local stores.
I love that Lakeville is still being developed. It makes you feel as though you are more a part of the community. I also love it's proximity to other cities and yet , you still get an "out of the cities" feeling. However, because of this, it is pretty spread out which makes running errands a little tough at times.
I love how safe it is and that it is south of the cities. It is a big town with a small town atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and I love the stores that are close
Lakeville is very welcoming and feels like a small town. They have a yearly celebration that is always exciting to attend. I would recommend anyone to move to this area!
Lakeville is a great community in which to raise a family. Being a suburb of the Twin Cities, it is developed and in close proximity to other suburbs and major freeways. However, it doesn't feel like a major metropolitan area. The public school system is amazing and one of the top in the state. There are many local sports clubs for young athletes to join and many lakes and parks for summer activities.
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Lakeville is a great town with many different restaurants and stores. The schools are suppose to be good and it is close to Minneapolis. There are many grocery stores and crime is very low with a high police presence
This is a very nice city to leave in specially if you have a family with younger kids, neighbors are very nice and very welcoming. Overall we made the right choice to move here.
There is a police station close to my neighborhood. We don't see them patrolling much, but respond quickly in emergency situations. We also have neighborhood crime watch.
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