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I bought a home here in 1986 & started working at the TRW Capistrano Test Site in 1982, located 5 miles inland from San Clemente. Started searching for a church in Jan. 1996. I had 2 mortgages & the roof was leaking in 3 places with no $ to fix it. I began going to the Evangelical 7th Day Baptist Church on Sedco Blvd. & Wildomar Rd. My plus or minus 50 year old home burned down in June 1996. Rebuilt in 1997. Retired in 2012. I'm still living in the exact same location on Wood St. I have Great neighbors & we are here to help each other when in need. I'm still going to the same church above, plus The Rock, The Biker Tabernacle-Set Free, Ancient Doors Academy & sometimes Lake Hills & Calvary churches. One year I planted a garden & it turned out great & if I can find the energy I'd like to do it again in 2020.
Beautiful town at the base of a huge mountain range. It’s a good town for those that hate living in crowded areas.
the safety in this area is really great and you right away feel like you are safe. Not only are the police always on the look out and are always visible but there isn't really any crimes toor bad people with bad intentions living there in menifee. i honestly don't have any concerns living in this area and i would most definetly recommend it.
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i currently live in menifee and the atomsphere there is really nice. It's such a safe place to live in there's hardly any crimes or accident in the menifee area in california. if i had the option to start all over and choose where i could live, i would most likely pick menifee all over again for the reason that it's so peacful and such a great community to live in.
Usually resolved right away even though my area is county.
Can't really find any employment.
There ok and usually you can find something interesting in some stores.
Delayed cop arrival when needed
Just opened a new gym
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