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I have lived in Lakeland my whole life. I really love it here. It is a nice place to raise a family. Close to the beaches.
Like every city it has its rough parts and tourist attractions. What really draws most people to lakeland is the fact it’s in the center of everything. Anything you could imagine you have access within a reasonable drive.
What id like about Lakeland would to build more family friendly events for the communities . Also the Night life is horrible , some people are concerned with having " Fun " in Lakeland because of the horrible economy and theres nothing to actually do in Lakeland at night .
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I love the outside, from my gated neighborhood to the wonderful smiles I receive everywhere I go, Lakeland has made my life worth living! I made friends with a multitude of kids from my large school, and have been bale to be afforded the opportunity to see people that truly care and are involved in their communities.
I like how Lakeland has many colleges such as Polk state college and keiser university. Really recommend if you are interested in going to any of these .
We moved from California in 2015 and love the Warm feeling of Lakeland. Better life and love our Sheriff Dept. Much cheaper living in Florida ! Just love the Downtown
I love how it is a small town feel, and everyone knows everyone. Wherever you live in Lakeland, it is super local to everything around you. They have endless options of restaurants, and even a few shopping centers.
I have lived in lakeland all my life and there is plenty to do from walking/bike trails to restaurants and nite life. There are 3 colleges in Lakeland, so one is going to fit your need. Southeastern University, Florida Southern College and Polk State College. They all have athletics if you are looking for a school that offers athletic programs.
Lakeland is a great town to grow up in with lots of things to do locally. It is between Orlando and Tampa so it is a good median for both when traveling.
The city of Lakeland is a beautiful place to live, there are many local parks that families and local tourist can visit. And there are many restaurants from all types of food continents all around the world here at Lakeland.
I love Lakeland! I have been here all of my childhood and im so sad to be leaving it when I go off to college. It's a great place to raise a family and a great place to grow up in. I have made my best friends in Lakeland and I plan to move back whenever I finish my college experience!
Lakeland is between two big cities (Orlando and Tampa), so there is always something you can go and do if something in the town doesn't interest you. The city has much to do and has a small town feel with a big population.
Lakeland is like hub for traveling around central Florida, because it is situated right in the center. An hour drive to Orlando and Tampa is great, because it is an hour drive from all the fun. In Orlando, there are the famous theme parks Universal and Disney World, along with many more. In Tampa, there is the beach and all the great restaurants situated along it. The people here are extremely nice, and there are many cultures here from all around the world.
I like some of the up and coming restaurants in the downtown area and The Village. The Joinery is great, and so is Swan Brewing and Yard on Mass. I do not like how conservative Polk County and Lakeland is, how the police treat BIPOC, and how racist people in the general community are. My boyfriend is Black so I've seen a lot of it firsthand. I am from the PNW and he is from New England, and we both agree that food is much better in those places. Greenwise is a nice addition to Lakeland with a lot of organic options, but as far as recycling and living organically here, it is really difficult to do so. You go to the store, and many times only plastic bags are available, not paper. They recycle very little in Polk County so I have to take most of my recyclables to neighboring counties.Overall, a typical Florida town.
Born and raised in Lakeland, FL. Great place to raise a family and the city is in close proximity to Orlando and Tampa.
Lakeland is a pretty decent place. Like most places in Polk County, it has few things here and there that give it a personality. But, the most benefit comes from being able to access all areas of Florida, sort of a crossroads of sorts. As for the schools here, a hand full are well enough that if a student puts enough time and effort in, they can gain success from it. In all, it should get better in time for how fast it's growing every year.
I grew up here when it was a small town, with all the new construction and new businesses appearing, I'm not a huge fan. Im a down home type of person, and I don't like the city.
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Lakeland is a great place to live for several reasons! It is a small town and there is quite a lot to do around here.
Love my beautiful town with all the lovely lakes!! It’s a wonderful place to live with so much natural beauty at your fingertips!!
Lakeland is a fast and growing city that cares about it community. From gardens to lakes, from lakes to its downtown, Lakeland bring it charm throughout the community. Weekend farmers market, holiday parades, fabulous fireworks shows, snow mound, and large food truck rallies top off the Lakeland experience. In addition, Lakeland has a great sport program and an added new hockey area.

Florida is a large state, Lakeland is 40 mins to Tampa and 40 mins to Orlando, just an overall amazing city and location.
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