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We love living in Lake Zurich. It has more to offer and is also more affordable than other suburbs we looked at like Arlington Heights and Palatine and wasn’t much further. The lake, walking paths around it and the Sunset Pavilion add a lot to do outdoors here plus access to many forest preserves. The downtown is improving and will soon have more businesses. We LOVE the local restaurants and breweries as well as access to nearby communities and shopping like Deer Park and Long Grove. We are very fortunate to live in a wonderful neighborhood with neighbors that feel like family. I can’t recommend Lake Zurich enough!
I am very fortunate to have grown up in Lake Zurich. I had the opportunity to meet great people and participate in the sports the schools had to offer. Furthermore, I received quality education to prepare me for college.
I love living in this area. Everyone is extremely friendly and well-taken care of around the city. The way the city is planned with lots of open land and parks makes this a very desirable area. It also helps that major stores are congregated around one area to make shopping days much easier!
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The downtown could definitely use a remodel with more small businesses and restaurants or coffee shops. They just built new apartments in the downtown area and it would’ve been so much cooler if they built a nice coffee shop or boutiques there. For the rest of the town, there isn’t really much to do at all, but the lake and the parks are pretty and people here are generally pretty nice.
it gets a lot of hate because of the high school scandal in 2016 and because there'd kind of nothing to do, but I had a pretty good time growing up here because theres a lot of fun stuff to do in surrounding towns. I never felt unsafe walking alone no matter what age I was. Neighborhoods are all pretty nice. something for everyone
The community is very family-friendly with a good education available to its residents. The places to go for a night out are limited but the town is well kept and safe.
Good schools, as well as safe neighborhoods and community. Everyone is very friendly. Nice restaurants and stores.
I go to LZHS. The school, like any other high school, has it's problems, but the academics are pretty good. I like Lake Zurich as a whole more than the high school. Downtown LZ is very cute and a nice place to hang out.
It's an awesome village. There are plenty of things to do here and in villages around it. It's mainly dominated by Caucasians, but there are people of all races. It's also very safe.
The town as a whole is pretty good. I grew up here and I was neutral about it. The downtown is not developed as much as I would like, but hopefully that will change in the future. I like the local pool a lot and the local library is fantastic!! There are a lot of fast food restaurants and it would be nice to have more restaurants that are not fast food. Overall though, it is a pretty good town where I have met some nice people.
Overall it is a very friendly and safe area. Now that I have gone to college I realize what good of an education I received in this area. I wish the downtown was more developed and we had more to do as a town.
Lake Zurich is a very safe and friendly community. Good schools and lots of nice parks and nature preserves are nearby.
Lake Zurich has a small town feel but is convenient to stores, restaurants, transportation, and the city of Chicago. A town filled with very friendly people. One thing I would like to see changed in Lake Zurich is the nightlife. It would be nice if there were more bars and restaurants to go to on the weekends to socialize.
I love the sense of community with my peers at school as well as the people I encounter daily during my job
Great people, but a pretty boring town. Not much to do besides going to surrounding area shopping malls. Good schools, as well.
Lake Zurich is a wonderful town and the suburb of Chicago. There is plenty to do here a vast a ray of outdoor activities, a large outdoor shopping mall to visit, and plenty of great places to eat. Lake Zurich is located in the heart of Ela Township, which provides amazing services to the community. Additionally, the police and fire department are top notch. I am happy to call Lake Zurich home.
Throughout my involvment in high school activites, I have been given the opportunity to volunteer in my community. When dedicating my time at the local food pantry or at the district summer school program, I am able to experience the sense of community that is Lake Zurich. Members of my town look out for eachother and are willing to lend a hand to anyone who is in need. Whether it is cooking a meal for a neighbor who has been going through a hard time or simply waving to a passing pedestrian, in my town I have witnessed traits of universal compassion and empathy.
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Lake Zurich is a safe and family-friendly suburb of Chicago. There are many conveniences within just a few miles driving distance. While there is a small "downtown" area, it is not a very walkable town. The lake and beach access are big benefits to living here.
I have lived here for 30 years. It is the perfect blend of country and suburban life. I can turn right out of my Subdivision and go down to the Cuba Marsh and forest preserves. I can head east on 12 and I'm 2 miles from Deer park Mall, 8 minutes from route 53, 17 minutes from Woodfield Mall, 25 minutes from O'Hare Airport, 10 minutes to the Barrington train station to go downtown. I am surrounded by the some of the best Suburbs in Illinois including Barrington, Kilder, Deerpark, Long Grove and Hawthorn Woods. The schools are top rated and there are restaurants everywhere. I have never called the police in 30 years or have I even seen a crime. Housing is affordable and I love living here.
Lived here for 22 years. The nightlife is fun. Not too bad of a commute to the city. The schools were held to a high standard and offered decent atheletic opportunities
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