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Lake Wylie is a nice town but overtime has become too populated and is not the small town that is use to be. The neighborhoods are nice and friendly although HOA fees have gone up with the increasing population. There are not many places to go out to eat but plenty of places to purchase groceries. The weather in the fall and winter is very nice but the summer is very hot. The landing and Autumn Cove both have pools that our open to residence to the warmer months.
I just moved to Lake Wylie and there is plenty to do! It is very nice and so close to Charlotte as well as many other fun towns. There are lots of good restaurants
to eat at and has a great community vibe.
Wonderful area for a family. Best schools around! Lots of opportunity to shop local, we try to stay close to home on the weekends and Lake Wylie makes it easy. Lots of new restaurants opening, many businesses are so close we can either walk or take our golf cart. Its like being on vacation! Small town feel, but right across the lake from Big City living in Charlotte.
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It's not a terrible place to live, I'm a stay at home mom but if I worked traffic would be a huge issue. Our community has no pool and a deplorable kids park,hardly any parks for kids. Nothing to do really, bad restaurants ,for shopping you would have to drive over the bridge, still not great shopping but more variety. In general Charlotte doesn't have good shopping, only decent mall is South Park but very far drive. The driving for me to get anywhere is a problem, very frustrating to drive 30 min to get to a store or a doctor. Schools are good but they start way too early and in the winter is horrible, school bus is at 6:15. We have joined YMCA for the gym and pool( opens too late and it's a zoo). If you like good food and socializing this is not the place for you. People not as friendly as expected to be. Homes are too expensive now for what you get around which is nothing. Some cute very few shops but too few to count.
Driving over the bridge daily and seeing the lake is so surreal. It's a beautiful place to live and visit with many outdoor activities on the water. Just a short commute to Charlotte, NC and close to the airport. I would like to see more restaurants and shopping stores come to the area. Lake Wylie is still growing but very up and coming. Many transplants from all over are moving to the area which offers a great variety of people from different backgrounds. I have to say that the only negative factor about this area is the traffic due to the recent growth.
If you want to life in a small town but have easy access to the city life, this is the place for you. The best part is regardless of how you move up in life, you don't have to leave the area; right across the lake from a modest two bedroom apartment is a multi-million dollar mansion with a pier. Life is really what you make it here.
Overall, Lake Wylie is a very nice town. It has a very friendly and community feel. The schools are invested into highly, which creates a strong academic program for your children. In addition, the town has many distinguishing features that attract people. First, we have many options for food. We have many fast food places, and many sit-down options for food. The commercial businesses that we have are complemented by the mom and pop businesses. We also have forms of entertainment in the town. For example, we have a bowling alley, that also houses a laser tag arena. All in all, the town is very good, and I am proud to have lived in the area for over 10 years. All of the change that I have seen, has been nothing but beneficial and the town is getting better and better.
Lake Wylie is a lovely, fast growing area! It is a wonderful area to raise a family. There are excellent schools and the proximity to charlotte can’t be beat!
I like that Lake Wylie is a true community that always comes together when someone is in need of something. I wouldn't change anything about Lake Wylie except add some more things for younger people to do and better places to eat.
I love Lake Wylie. It's a growing community with lots of room for growth. However, I do not like the roads. Only one way into and CLT is a nightmare during rush hours.
Nice Community. River Hills is way over-rated. Many of the communities have lovely amenities. There is a beautiful lake that you can enjoy most of the year. There could be better restaurants. The traffic is getting terrible since it is growing. School's are great.
I could be living in a worse place, that's for sure, but there's pretty much nothing to do. If you're a kid or a parent, you're stuck with the same group of people K-12. That can be a good thing if you really want to be involved in the PTA/sports, but if you don't or can't then there's much else to do. Rey Azteca is basically the only decent restaurant.
Great neighborhoods, friendly people, lots of outdoor activities for adults and children. Love it being close to the city.
Clean, quiet place to live. We choose this area for its excellent schools. Having lived in a number of cities in different states, I have to say that the Clover Schools are the best schools my children have attended. The area in growing and developing, with new shopping, new subdivisions, and it a reasonable commute to uptown Charlotte, with the benefits of lower taxes, gas prices, etc, than in North Carolina.
I love having the lake so close, but I wish there were more food options on the shore. The traffic can be very heavy.
I love Lake Wylie Sc ! I just moved here and the town is so friendly and community pride is awesome. I work for a local gym who took me in like family. I'm so blessed to be involved with some local business through my massage therapist and personal training. The fund raiser and community spirit are everywhere in this town.
I love Lake Wylie, South Carolina. It is the best kept secret in the world. Our community, River Hills, has every amenity one could think of; professional golf course, country club with a 5 star chef, professional tennis courts, professional swimming pools, and our community in general is very classy. I love that everyone knows everyone, and that we all support each other through businesses owned locally. Through dentists, doctors, pharmacies, and our grocery store, Publix. Everything is great about Lake Wylie, from our famous restaurants, to our famous neighborhood, River Hills, where I was born and raised. It truly is the best place in the world, as far as I can tell from everywhere I've been fortunate enough to visit. At the bottom I will choose other, because I am born and raised here, as well as a current and a forever resident. Now, I would love to own a small ranch outside of Colorado someday, but Lake Wylie will always be home.
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We've had a few break in's and someone even stole a $5,000 kids play area from a local day care. It has since been returned, and the perpetrators were caught. Crime and vandalism gets worse in the summer when students (teens) are out of school and have nothing constructive to do with their time.
The lake is beautiful and the community is fairly friendly. We have many shops and restaurants here with new ones coming every week. Our area is booming with business and new residents.
There is very little crime in the area and any threats are dealt with punctually.
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