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I love living in beautiful Lake Worth Beach. The community is so diverse and welcoming. There is no one type of person who lives here. Lake Worth Beach always has community events going on such as, The Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, Garlic Fest, and Pride Fest. Our downtown is almost exclusively small businesses and the people have that amazing "support local business" mindset. Lake Worth Beach is perfect for those who want a true suburban life without those stereotypical suburbanites.
Lake Worth Beach is a multi-cultural, multi-generational experience where acceptance and love are promoted every day. We love this community.
I really like lake worth because its really nice and chill I would really recommend people to visit especially their beaches are really nice and downtown is really nice they have a Lotta good restaurants a lot of very nice people. Something different in Lake worth would be more paintings more sculptures more designsespecially their beaches are really nice and downtown is really nice they have a Lotta good restaurants a lot of very nice people. Something different in Lake Worth would be more paintings more sculptures more designs
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Great family environment. Fun family an community activities an holiday events. Have lived here for 8 years. Great schools on the area also
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I love the way everything is stylized and designed for everyone. The structure of the buildings is very intriguing and eye capturing for new people. Overall, I love Lake Worth Beach for its visual looks and environment.
High school is very fun and i enjoy coming very much and the pricipal and students are very nice. I look foward to going to school it is fun for me.
Lake Worth is very warm and the school system is great. I go to a local public school and I have a lot of friends and I am taking a lot of advanced courses. The restaurants here are decent. Atlantic Avenue is nearby which is very fun to hang out on a Friday night. The beach is less than 15 minutes away and we go there often.
Lake Worth is a very safe city with towns of options near by. There are plenty of food options to pick from including some local owned places with amazing food. The schools in Lake Worth are great as well in which they provide awesome education for kids.
It's a small little town that has much to do that is in walking distance. Beaches, parks, restaurants, stores, and many others.
I love the culture diversity, its affordable and very family oriented. Public schools are great. Everything is near by, very easy to commute. There is lots of different activities to do for everyone in the family. There's restaurants, nightclubs, parks. Lake worth Beach was recently remodeled, they even built a casino which will definitely bring more revenue to the city. Parking is more convenient. There's also a pizza place that has been there for ever and it's delicious. The even have a heated pool by the beach, which everyone has access to. They build multiple play areas for the kids.
It is right on the beach, with low cost of living and a fairly well-developed area. The weather is nice year-round, and there are many things to do nearby.
Small diverse area, lived here my whole life. It is very convenient, there are little shops that care for just about anything! whether that be a broken heart Coldstone Creamery is right there to help or fixing the clasp of your broken pearl necklace; there's a place for everything!
I've lived in Lake Worth, Florida for over a decade, and it's honestly the best place to be. It's a nice, quiet place to raise a family, and keep a small life.
I absolutely love living in the city of Lake Worth, Florida. I'd describe it as being in the middle of everything. The mall is fifteen minutes away, the beach is fifteen minutes away, everything you need is a short drive away. The climate is always perfect and the residents are friendly and welcoming.
The only change I would make is to add more to nightlife. Other than that affordability if amazing which is goo for families since there are great problems schools nearby.
Lake Worth has the best of both worlds, the variety in activity of a city with the peacefulness of a small town, friendly and communicative neighbors who provide privacy, and wonderful restaurants and beaches just footsteps from your front door. This diverse community has a variety of ethnicities, religions, nationalities, and cultures, creating a wonderful experience to all who live there. Despite the misconceptions that it is a rundown place, many reconstruction projects have happened to improve the city. Downtown is the highlight, with local mom-and-pop shops and minute chains. The only thing I would change is getting more child and youth-friendly activities going on as many are adult-oriented.
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At this moment right now I am currently a resident of lake worth fl. I came to US on 2008 since then lake worth is where have being living at. I can't complain I love everything about lake worth also the people.
Lake worth the city of diverse race and pleasure. The beach downtown lake worth is amazing . There's always some type of event in a daily basis. Since I moved from Haiti, lake worth is and always will be my home, because I feel safer there. Everyone loves everybody. The only issue in lake worth is the electric bill, besides everything else is a peace of cake.
Great place to live, small town feel in a big city. The beaches are safe and stunning. Just be careful of the area you go into and you will have a wonderful experience.
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