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Lake Worth Beach Reviews

89 reviews
Overall Experience
I love the way everything is stylized and designed for everyone. The structure of the buildings is very intriguing and eye capturing for new people. Overall, I love Lake Worth Beach for its visual looks and environment.
High school is very fun and i enjoy coming very much and the pricipal and students are very nice. I look foward to going to school it is fun for me.
Lake Worth Beach is a decent community with some interesting characters, but there are a lot of issues with drugs and crime. While the crime and drug issue is nowhere near as astronomical as other South Florida urban areas, it is still prevalent and it seems almost impossible to stop it. Besides all of the halfway houses and crime, Lake Worth Beach is pretty adaptable to live in as there are always community festivities and awesome local businesses! Every year there is a street painting festival, a gay pride festival, reggae fest, and a lot of other fun community events. There are also wonderful online communities for the area where people can connect and help each other out. Everything is right where it needs to be, nothing is too spaced out or too close, it is all a walk or bike ride away.
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