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Neighbors are extremely friendly and the neighborhoods are nice! The elementary school is amazing, but the middle and high schools are not. Wish there was more development, but it's getting there.
There are a variety of homes to choose from such as apartments, town homes, condos, houses, modular homes, or suburban homes.
Between bars in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Hoover you can't go wrong. There is always something to do or somewhere to go. A local eatery in Birmingham that is popular amongst college students is Al's Restaurant.
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It depends on which field you're looking into. If you're out of work and need something to help get by then there are plenty of available work positions at local grocery stores, shopping malls, and restaurants.
Both Birmingham and Tuscaloosa have a variety of small, family-owned restaurants and stores. The quality of the food and items are usually pretty good, considering that the owners rely on happy customers to keep up shop.
The weather can go from hot to cold to hot again in the spring and fall. In the summer it's consistently pretty hot, but there's not much humidity. In the winter, it can stay pretty cold. During hurricane season, you're on the watch for hurricanes and tornadoes, but it's not too often that we get bad ones.
Most jobs nearby are fast food jobs, or other simple jobs like that. You don't have to drive too far to get more variety in jobs, though, and people often drive toward the Tuscaloosa or the Birmingham areas for their jobs.
Most people live in this area for a pretty good length of time. Pets normally have good sized yards, but there aren't many community events to be involved in.
There are gyms located not to far away, and local churches have gym facilities and walking tracks. People also walk the neighborhood, which is filled with hills so it's more of a workout than a track. I will walk or run the neighborhood and work out to workout DVDs.
Tannehill state park is close by, and it's kept up pretty well. Besides the state park, we don't have any other parks. There's hardly any pollution, though.
People are very friendly, although not very diverse. Religious and political affiliations are about the same for everyone.
The roads don't often get congested, and any construction is usually pretty easy to get around and doesn't usually block any roads. There are no sidewalks, though, so you have to be careful when walking around the neighborhood.
The houses are nice houses and almost all of them have basements and garages, which are needed for hurricanes and tornadoes that come through sometimes. There are very few houses that are vacant, and the costs are fine.
We have a McDonald's, a Subway, and a Popeye's, which are nice but get tiring after a while. We also have a Mexican restaurant, which is definitely good. Besides those restaurants, we don't have much in the way of diverse foods.
I love living here. I would definitely live here again if I had to do it all over because it's so nice. People tend to be extremely welcoming, and you can find friends nearby. Although there aren't that many things to do close by, I do love living here.
There isn't really an issue with crime in this area. We have a police station nearby, and you can often see a police car driving through the neighborhood.
Trade days at the state park is a big attraction for the area. People rent a spot in the part and sell whatever they have. It's held once a month, and I love going because there's no telling what you can find.
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The businesses in this area are friendly, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We don't live in a city, so it's nice to have people who are friendly close by.
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