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There is almost no crime in Cambridge. I have only heard of a couple incidents in the last couple of months. Occasionally, you will see a cop-car. The town is a very safe place. I have never felt unsafe in downtown Cambridge.
I love living in Cambridge. I believe that Cambridge is one of the best towns in WI. The town is located near a cute beach with a warm main-street. There are many nice mountain biking trails nearby, as well as walking trails, a river, and parks. I would definitely move here again.
There is very little crime ever in the town. I have always felt very safe living there. The police are available and will arrive quickly when called.
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There isn't much crime at all in our town due to the fact that its very small.
Cambridge is a small town, with many people who care about their community. I definitely choose to live here again and possibly raise a family here. Cambridge has never failed to impress, and has continued to grow over the years.
Always a chance of lots of snow in the winter. Also chances for strong storms and possibility of tornadoes.
It's a small town so the food and drink locations are minimal. Very little if any nightlife available.
Only small shops in the area, nothing large. However, the small shops are very unique and fun to browse.
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