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There is a different feel offered by the different neighborhoods and parts of the town. The downtown area has a nice, convenient concentration of shops and restaurants which are fairly easy to access and walk among.
We moved to LO in 2001 mostly so that our 3 children could attend the schools. Almost 19 years later I would say it has been a very good experience. There’s a strong sense of community and yes, the schools are good if college prep is what you want. They push the kids pretty hard at the high schools, which is okay I guess, my 2 LO grads are thriving in college, but it’s not a supportive environment for kids that don’t want to go to college. In terms of community, LO is friendly and safe. Yes, there are a lot of wealthy people. You come to realize though that they’re just people like anyone else, it’s not a big deal. There’s not a lot of ethnic diversity but my kids are half Caucasian, half other and have never had a problem. When our last one graduates we plan to become snowbirds. LO is great but after 20 years it can feel pretty vanilla.
Lake Oswego is great as far as a place to raise your children and to grow old in. The city is beautiful with lots of places to visit. I would like to see more restaurants and dessert type places rather than chain restaurants and old places that are over priced or fast food types.
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Amazing city, great schools, and not too far from Portland, Oregon. Housing is expensive but the town is very safe.
It is a small community that takes pride in its education. It is also one of the safest towns in Oregon. However, the lack of diversity in background and in ethnicities continues as a contemporary reminder of its incredibly racist history. It makes it hard for students of color to relate to leaders and role models in the community.
Lake Oswego is a great neighborhood for families that want a safe place to live, the best school district in Oregon, appreciating real estate and plenty of amenity choices within driving distance like shopping, dining & recreation. It is not a good place for young adults because there is no nightlife, its unaffordable and there is a complete lack of diversity and few companies that are based here. Thus the 4 stars.
A very tranquil and clean suburb of Portland. Safe, quiet, and surrounded by nature. Excellent house market as many people want to live in the area.
Beautiful little town with fairly nice people. Lake Oswego is known for having rich snobby people but there are also lots of kind people. Not a very diverse place.
Lake Oswego is friendly and community oriented. It has quite a bit of affluence, which can sometimes make you feel surrounded by entitlement, but people are for the most part very kind and neighborly. It is absolutely gorgeous and everyone collectively works hard to keep it clean and beautiful. Lots of young families to keep it playful. The schools are excellent. It's also extremely active. Cyclists and runners galore.
I love the quiet, relaxed atmosphere here and the feeling of safety. People are friendly, lots of parks, clean streets and the best farmers market! I love that we have everything here yet still close to Portland if we want to go into town. Lots of new restaurants in recent months so I am excited about that!
It is a very safe town with great schools. But, it lacks diversity and is mostly upperclass families. There are because of this a lot of stereotypes that follow Lake Oswego around. It is often referred to as a bubble and just full of 'rich people'. This however is not entirely true. There are many people that fall into upperclass category but there are also many middle and lower-class families as well. The schools in lake oswego are some of the best in the state and really prepare students for college. The classes are much harder that the surrounding schools which sometimes reflects poorly on gpa, but the students are better prepared and there is a larger variety of advanced and AP classes that are offered than any other school.
I like that Lake Oswego is very safe and environmentally friendly. However they are lacking diversity and I would like to see this change in the future.
Lake Oswego is filled with new money and you can defiantly tell. It has very nice neighborhoods and friendly people but houses are much more expensive than most cities however it is still very safe and there are plenty of ways to spend your time.
I love the Lake Oswego small-community feel. Having so many opportunities so close to home is absolutely helpful.
Lake Oswego has an outstanding school system. Students that go through the Lake Oswego school system seem to be far ahead of other students from different public school districts. The passion and dedication from the teachers and staff members motivate students to be as successful as they can be. I feel that I myself received a large advantage in life by attending the Lake Oswego school system for elementary, middle school, and high school. I highly recommend moving to Lake Oswego to give your children an advanced public school education.
I like Lake Oswego because it is a safe bubble that gives everyone high expectations and great opportunities. They have an amazing school district. It is in a beautiful suburb.
Lake Oswego is a beautiful place to live, and is close enough to easily commute to Portland by bus or car, while not having to be in the middle of the city. Living here can be fairly expensive, however. It would be nice to see the city become friendlier to individuals and families with lower incomes.
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Lake Oswego is such a fun place to be! There are great places to walk around, have a picnic, and even some nice clothing shops! There is also great food there, with Bamboo Sushi about to open there too, and a Salt and Straw that EVERYONE wants to go get every day. Everyone there is very kind and friendly, and it's always a great place to hang out.
I like that the neighborhood is safe. I think that the city itself is clean and people are generally nice. The only problem is traffic is too heavy for the streets and it could use something to fix that like more lanes or better alternate routes.
Lake Oswego is a wonderful, cultured community. It has great people, values and an amazing school system. The only issue is that it is not easily accessible due to the high cost of living here. In addition and possibly partly subsequent, the community is not very diverse. This is not because people do not want a diverse community but more just by circumstance.
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