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I love the close-knit community of Lake Forest Park. The town is small and is a little oasis that is far enough away from the city of Seattle, but not secluded. The schools are excellent and the neighbors are friendly. We are surrounded by beautiful trees and wildlife (deer, rabbits, birds) that walk through our property on a daily basis. Down the street are local restaurants, book stores, and shopping centers that locals regularly frequent.
I have lived here all my life and plan on living here after I graduate from my program. I have enjoyed my time here. The people are nice, friendly. I am multiracial. There is a lack of diversity (mostly white), but I am comfortable here.
Very nice place to grow up, good schools. Beautiful scenery. Friendly people, not too much to do. Close to Seattle.
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Lake Forest Park is a beautiful community. People are kind and the community is tight nit. The schools are incredible. The area is gorgeous and filled with lots of trees. It is an incredible place to grow up.
I like Lake Forest Park because it is very safe place where you feel at home. It doesn't feel like a small town, but you feel like you can really get to know other people and get involved in the community.
Great neighborhood, the Town Center is a great place to hang out and it has a phenomenal night life.
There is nothing to do! I get so bored all the time because everyone and everything is the same. The nearest city is Seattle, and for a large city, Seattle is very very boring. It lacks culture and diversity. It is hard to find cool events and museums. Lake forest park town center was fun as a kid but as a teenager, it is very dry and unstimulaitng. I've lived here my whole life. Also public transit is practically existent here so it is hard to get around without a car.
I have grown up in Lake Forest Park all my life and I have loved every bit of it. Its a great city to raise a family its safe, quiet, and not to far from the city of Seattle.
Lake Forest Park is a lovely suburb of Seattle located near the north tip of Lake Washington. There is a lot of vegetation and a very eco-friendly community, along with access to fantastic public schools and a lot of property with great views of the lake. It's a great place to raise a family.
It is mainly a residential area so the majority of businesses are near the main roads. The town runs along a popular road for getting downtown, so traffic in the mornings and evenings can be slow for a couple hours.
It is a pretty quiet town but growing. There are still houses and trees which is very nice. Not a lot of good places nearby to go out and eat. Beware of speed traps and cameras at intersections and schools.
A great suburb to grow up in. Plenty of parks and waterfront access to stay active outdoors. Lack of restaurant selections but it's options are growing and there are tons of close cities with great food. The local schools are great and have a wide array of resources for all kids.
Lake forest park is a nice, although small community. It has many small neighborhoods in it as well as apartment complexes. It has a beautiful view of the water. Overall is is a good place to live.
I like the city itself because it is almost like living in a forest, and because it is a very safe place. I wish it had a more homey feel, because your neighbors barely talk to you, and when they do, they come at you with a negative attitude.
Friendly people, green area, close to a lot of sights. Public transportation needs improvement.
This place is one of the best area for any one who would want to live here. It is very safe for kids and adults. There are also clubs around this are in which people can join any time, but if you are going to join you have to pay a fee.
Only starbucks, I like more juice stores. There are a decreased amount of fast food places.
My 18 year old fried has gotten two jobs. If you want the job you can easily get one.
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The stores are very clean, alot of nice workers.
Houses are more costly in King County, however the houses are mostly all high quality and have plenty of space.
Given that there are so many exercise paths, sports areas, parks, and gyms, people in the area are very inclined to exercise regularly, and most people eat rather healthfully.
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