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Lake Forest is a small town with many different events and opportunities. There is a really nice library and parks. I like the bike paths.
Money has created a lot of attitude & obnoxiousness in Lake Forest. ................................................................................................................................
It is a pretty wealthy area, situated right on Lake Michigan. Very pretty in the winter and fall especially, as it is wooded as well. The downtown area is very cute and there seems to be a mix of high end and middle end stores.
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If you enjoy living in an area where money has created attitude, entitlement, and obnoxiousness, you would enjoy living here. Some families have been here for generations - I mean really? There was nowhere else to go? Kids are as obnoxious as the parents and is shown through all the disciplinary issues there are in the schools. Avoid this pretentious, arrogant, area. Go somewhere friendlier.
Moved to Lake Forest from Hinsdale due to a job change and wow am I impressed. Lake Forest does an excellent job utilizing corporate tax revenue to keep property taxes extremely low. From the beach to preserves and the meticulously manicured estates, I didn't know beauty like this existed. Surprisingly, the community is very close and the people are much friendlier than expected. Neighbors actually know each other. The community is very active as well. Hinsdale will always hold a special place in my heart but I am more than happy with LF.
I strongly believe that Lake Forest is a great place to live. There is a variety of local businesses, too. To have fun, you do have to drive else where, but that drive isn't terrible. The prices in lake forest as extremely high, also. But once you get the vibe of lake forest, it is fine.
A safe and opulent community with a tight social circle. Great parks, schools, and small-businesses situated throughout town. A lovely beach that residents can enjoy. The landscape is gorgeous and filled with beautiful trees.
Lake Forest is a great town to live in. It does have some nasty rumors about the crowd who live here, but they are simply just rumors. It is a very safe town and very affluent.
We like living in Lake Forest. It is a beautiful town, with terrific beach, quaint downtown, great schools & good infrastructure. Plus the tax mill rate is lower in LF than in neighboring communities; we pay less in taxes yearly. The area has great restaurants, lots of things to do, good shopping, etc. Also we like the express train into Chicago.

Like any city, the people are a mix. Yes, the town does have its share of fancy mansions and the club member set, but there are also a lot of friendly, down to earth people here too. It is a nice safe town, and a good place to raise a family.

We enjoy the festivals and town events, as well as take advantage of those offered in neighboring communities. The community has good sidewalks and bike trails. We like being able to bike to the beach and to downtown. It is such a pretty community and a nice place to live.
I would like to see residents of unincorporated areas of Lake Forest allowed access to the beach without paying exorbitant amounts of money each year. We are not 'riff raff' as the woman told me on the phone when I called to ask about a permit.
The area is mostly white, straight, upperclass, and republican, so there's little diversity. It's an expensive area to live in, but the town and surrounding area is beautiful.
Great suburb with excellent schools and people. Chicago is very accessible as well. A great place to grow up or raise a family.
Lake Forest is a beautiful, small town on the shores of Lake Michigan. The town offers many opportunities and activities for all ages. It is a very safe environment.
Time and time again I find myself impressed with what Lake Forest has to offer it's residents. From the quaint and quiet downtown to the sprawling green parks and preserves, the natural beauty is not to be matched. Being so close to the lake has it's benefits. The beach is easily accessible and there's plenty of parking available. Not only does the beach provide a great place to visit but one can appreciate the cool breezes and temperate weather it gives during the hotter months. The only reason I didn't get five stars was because sometimes the attitude here is a bit shady. It's very common to hear about the "Lake Forest Bubble".Since this is a very wealthy and affluent area many people can get off pretty easily and think they're invincible, hence the term "bubble" was coined. However as long as you keep your head in the right place and remember to look beyond into the real world you'll avoid this "bubble" mentality.
Safe and quiet area, very little risk of danger or crime aside from the occasional burglary or theft. City public areas are well maintained.
Great for families, especially with small children. Safe and secure community with good schools and plenty of opportunities to get involved in various activities.
We are very lucky to live in this area with the community support and excellent schools.
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This area is located so close to the lake which offers trails and paths to walk towards the beaches. the town has many stores and small businesses with good products and quality employees. It is only a train ride from the city which also adds to the convinience of the location. I think people from the northeast underestimate how good the location is.
Safe, clean, beautiful town with a great school system. A little too conservative in some parts, with very little diversity
It really depends on how much you're willing to spend. It can be very pricey to simply go out to breakfast.
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