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I have lived in lafayette all of my life and have enjoyed it this far. It is a city with diverse culture and is always welcoming.
Love the small town feel even though it is a growing city. There is always something going on whether its nightlife, family, or active exercise events. A very welcoming community with tons of local shops and restaurants featuring some of the best artists and cooks. Cute neighborhoods for every style and generally a safe town.
I love Lafayette, however, I just wish there were more places open at night. We need more places to be open late at night, whether it is restaurants or places to hangout.
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I grew up here and graduated from Lafayette High school. Over the past 50 years, Lafayette has grown and, with that growth, things have changed. The best things: good healthcare, great culture and food, large Catholic community, and decent housing. The bad things: too much commercialism from out of state has diminished the Cajun culture, politics have always been slanted and corrupt to benefit local wealthy families, and crime has increased. We always adapt, but as a future retiree, I am looking to live elsewhere. The flooding issues still abound around Lafayette parish. The developers and the local governments don't seem to plan ahead to mitigate it either. Roads and traffic are long time issues that never seem to get better either.
The heart of cajun country. Lafayette is filled with well-mannered, kind hearted people that know how to have a great time. The city has amazing food and festival scene.
They have a lot of restaurants and shops to choose from. Public places, like the library, are very well kept. Diversity is great. But the traffic is pretty bad.
I love the diverse culture. You will find a little bit of everything here in Lafayette. There are hundreds (literally) of places to eat as well! The Cajun cuisine is amazing. The farmer's market at Moncus Park (locals call it the horse farm) has so much to offer. The local (and nationally known) music festival Festival de Lousianne or Festival International is the best time of the year. The downtown area turns into a dancing fest filled with welcoming people. Lafayette is a place I proudly call home.
Great city with a lot to see and do. There is always something going on and it serves as a hub for other cities like Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. Lots of great places to eat as well.
Certain aspects are different from rural Louisiana yet, people remain hospitable . The people are the best part of Lafayette and they are what makes this city a hub for many industries and social developments.
Lafayette is a uniquely joyful place! With fantastic food and even better people, I couldn't ask to live in a better place. Visit! You won't be disappointed!
I was born and raised in Lafayette, I love this town and believe it to be an amazing place for families.
This is becoming one of the most dangerous cities in not only the state but the country. The "Downtown" area is nothing more then a bunch of bars and drunk college kids. You basically want to stay away from the downtown area all together. During the day, you get hassled by all the homeless people in the area and the night, you are pretty much guaranteed to here gunshots and later find out that someone was killed.
People love to say that the food is amazing. It is good, if you like everything over seasoned. There are plenty of places in the country that have better food then Lafayette.
Also, people say there are "a ton of festivals". No there is not. There is nothing to do in this city. Anytime you want to do something you have to go to either Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Houston.
Lafayette is a awesome place to raise a family. Fall and Spring there are many family friendly festivals. Schools are definitely good. The people are great the food is awesome.
Lafayette, the happiest city in USA, is a town based on culture and love for one another. There's a saying "you never meet a stranger in Cajun country!"
I truly enjoy the culture here in Lafayette,LA. The people are friendly and we are always coming together in the different communities to unite and bring one another together. The festivals and the state fair are always huge attractions for out of towners. Lafayette is a beautiful city to reside and settle with your family.
Great culture. Live music and great food 365 days of the year. Awesome place to live because the people are friendly.
Lafayette is really a happy place. One thing I would like to see change is its separation of certain ethnicity.
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Lafayette is one of the homiest cities in the country. We have some of the best food in Southern Louisiana. If you are looking for a place to visit for, this is the place. We have festivals and concerts at all times throughout the year because we celebrate EVERYTHING.
Lafayette is quickly expanding with more businesses and homes popping up; we also have a number of movies that filmed here and around the area. We are definitely the up and coming spot.
Lafayette is a city where you can do anything traveling through the city is easy and there are plenty of dinning opportunities. People are friendly and the cost of living here is good.
Lafayette is a very suburban and rural city. It prides itself on the southern, country Acadian culture. The people are very tightly-knit and involved with each others' families. Safe place to live, great atmosphere. A place for nearly everyone.
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