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As a current resident! I am satisfied with Lafayette overall and would consider it home. I have been told by many visitors that the people that live here are more friendly.
I love Lafayette, there is always something to do. Festivals are very common during the summer, and there is always live music to go listen too. Lafayette has a huge selection of bars and restaurants to choose from. On the weekends, its downtown area has lots of hang outs and bars to choose from.
Lafayette, LA is true southern living. We are in the heart of Cajun Country and surround by even more beautiful areas to experience Louisiana for what it is, amazing! Southern hospitality is at its finest, the food is amazing, the people are extremely friendly!
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Being in Lafayette is such a good experience. There are a number of things to do here and a good bit of parks to visit. There are so many places to eat so you have many options. Something that's a good experience to do here is visit the Acadiana Mall. One of my favorite things about Lafayette, LA is how friendly the people who live here are.
Lafayette is a great place to live, work, and have fun. It is a big city but not too big you get lost or feel overwhelmed. There is plenty to do as far as activities, and being in the middle of Louisiana, it is a short trip to other places nearby.
I grew up in Lafayette, and I have gotten to watch it grow. It is a wonderful area to raise a family. There are plenty of social activities for all age groups. But, I would like to see a change in the school systems.
The city of Lafayette is okay. It is helpful for me because we have bus transportation, and this helps me a lot with getting places, particularly school instead of paying for the costs of a vehicle. There isn't much scenery though, and I don't like the high risks of theft and crime. The roads need to be improved. Laws need to be enforced about keeping pets on leashes, and more bike lanes should be made, in my opinion. I love that the prices aren't so expensive on the northside of Lafayette, where I live. I love going to the Lafayette Public Library downtown that was recently redone. Assistance is available for the low-income, elderly. There's a lot of things that you can get for a dollar or two and this helps with the cost of living in restaurants, car repair places, maintenance, clothing stores,etc. I like to save money. Also, one of the cheapest universities in the country, University of Louisiana-Lafayette is located here.
What I enjoyed the most in Lafayette is my college experience. I was apart of a wonderfully organization call UL Lafayette AmeriCorps. It is a wonderful non-profit community service organization. Lafayette has plenty of culture and heritage. There's a festival for about everything. Lafayette and surrounding areas have so many festivals there's actually a festival season. Festival season starts April through May of every year.
Beautiful city with friendly people. We have a festival for EVERYTHING 😂 lovely place to live and work.
Nice area, great food, great local music scene. It is a college town. Not a very long commute unless for peek hours.
I've lived here for the past 6 years. The majority of people are very nice. Pretty much every library is fantastic. There could be more parks though. Plenty of shopping, restaurants, and events.
My family & I just moved here a month ago. Within 2 days of the move, my husband ended up in the hospital with stage 4 malignant melanoma. The neighborhood has just been so warm and helpful. This is truly an example of the people in the south and their heritage. I wouldn't have experienced this practically anywhere else.
Small town w/ a stagnant economy, terrible schools, conservative leadership & home prices inflated. Racial and gender inequity is a huge challenge.
Very friendly community. People greet you with their genuine hospitality when you relocate in Acadiana. This is Cajun Country, with good people. Their unique and vibrant culture is so much fun to immerse in.
Commonly recognized as the 'Hub City' of Louisiana, it has been built on a foundation of community and culture. Personally, growing up in Lafayette, at the age of 22, I would definitely suggest Lafayette to anyone looking to find a place to raise their family in a safe and opportunistic town.
Lafayette is becoming a larger and larger City so it's often full of traffic. People don't walk around unless it's downtown and everywhere is now considered dangerous (much like the rest of the world) its sad to see my city slowly losing its sense of community due to all the new people here.
If you like to eat , you will love it here . If your an outdoors type person ( hunting not included) you’ll be bored to tears
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Lafayette, Louisiana is your typical college town in some respects; the area is known to have an avid nightlife and there are always festivals and celebrations to keep the 20-somethings out of the house. At the same time, the town maintains a professional side, keeping older ("adult") residents happy with a booming oilfield economy filled with job opportunities and family-friendly opportunities. The town is a pleasant place to live despite large amounts of traffic and nearly constant construction and road work. It's almost impossible to be bored or go hungry in a town like this.
I love Lafayette, it truly is the happiest city in the United States! The people are very friendly and everybody knows everybody here.
Lafayette, apart from some small accounts, I would say is a very friendly environment. People seem to be givers rather than takers and put aside their differences for the greater good.
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