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Lafayette is a very friendly place to live in. The food is awesome compared to any other place in the world, yes even in New Orleans.
I grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana. The cajun people are entertaining and are amazing cooks. There are alot of fun festivals to attend all year.
I love the city and it's history, but sadly there are some people who are not accepting of those that are different. Besides the discrimination and racism, this is a place full of culture and great food. I will pray for those who are close-minded so that they can learn to love one another and live in peace.
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I am from Lafayette, Louisiana and I absolutely love it here! Lafayette is filled with excellent and loving people. You will always have an excellent experience if people travel here. We are known for our festivities and Creole/Cajun based culture.
I go to school in Lafayette and I love the cajun atmosphere. The people are very friendly, however traffic during city events can be very hectic. Especially during Mardi Gras or football games.
Lafayette , Louisiana is a great place to live. Having moved here at the age of 5 years old, my family has found a secure and happy place to live. The climate is mild to humid, somewhat tropical. It is easy-access to the big cities like Houston and New Orleans.
The atmosphere, people, and food are great. Lafayette is a small, yet growing community in which I have spent most of my life. Lafayette is growing constantly and is quite the booming area. Local government is slowly improving and could definitely become much better.
I really like living here since I have lived here my whole life. I am not a fan of the humidity that Louisiana has, but that's not something that can be controlled. There is always something new that is being built. It's so exciting.
Best place I've ever lived. Friendly people, great food and lots of festivals for following fun. Also great schools, low crime, lots of places to shop, excellent Cajun restaurants, home of University of La. at Lafayette and the hubcity to the Cajun heartland.
I was born and raised in Lafayette, LA. I couldn't imagine myself leaving this state. The culture and wonderful atmosphere of this city is what keeps me here. The food is amazing and nothing like what I've had while visiting other states. Most of my family lives here and I also couldn't imagine leaving them behind.
Great place for a family to live. Great food, people, and culture. I live in Lafayette and have not found another place that I would like to call home.
Nice place to grow up in. Pretty good for families. Houses don't cost much compared to other places. Good variety of food places that you wouldn't expect.
Culturally rich area full of good times, good food, and good people. The heart of Acadiana and the home of the University’s Ragin Cajuns, this is the perfect place to start a family be you in River Ranch or the Carencro area you’ll love living in Lafayette.

Laissez le bon temps rouler, Acadiana!
My hometown has the best cultural diversity I've every seen. There's different people of different ethnicities everywhere. There's great food everywhere, though it may clog your arteries a tad. The nightlife and festivals are fun to go to as well. While we have issues with finding property in the city and crime, it is much less than larger cities around the US. There's also ample housing 15 minutes away from the center in any direction so it's not a huge.
What I liked abut Lafayette most was the convenience being able to walk to school, traffic flows pretty good mostly. I enjoy the Cajun food and the friendly people all over Lafayette and their Cajun southern hospitality they offer to just about anyone. It gives you a good sense of comfortability not having to worry about crime because everyone around Cajun nation get along well.
Born and raise in Lafayette. It is currently growing from a small town into a larger city based environment. Like any other city it has its pros and cons, nightlife, food, family events. Well known for its Cajun culture which shies away a more healthier lifestyle, but overall easy to learn, commune back and forth to the larger cities which has a broader spectrum of activities.
Great city for growing families! I’m not originally from Louisiana, but those that are always come back!
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I born and raised in Lafayette, LA. It has been a great city to grow up in. It is the friendliest city in the USA. We have many festivals throughout the year. My favorite is Mardi Gras! I guess that's because I was born on Mardi Gras day.
I graduated from the University of Lafayette and I am proud to be a Ragin Cajun!
I recently went to New York for a graduate school interview and I could not wait to get back to Lafayette because I realized how lucky I was to be from this great city.
Lafayette is a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family, or go to college. Lafayette is a unique blend of culture, innovative companies, and southern hospitality. I have two children and truly appreciate the city that they get to grow up in. I have done a lot of traveling and have been to some wonderful places, but there is no other place I would rather live.
Lafayette is filled with nice people and has a diverse array of culture. There are many festivals that go on to celebrate all the different kinds of cultures here. It may be small and there aren't a lot of things to do In Lafayette, but its still a pretty decent city to live in.
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