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Great city for growing families! I’m not originally from Louisiana, but those that are always come back!
People are friendly, great job opportunities for educated and skilled career minded people. Great weather and beautiful country side with plenty to do and see. There is always a festival somewhere and the food is the best in the World. If you like to eat, laugh and have a great, family time, then Lafayette, La., is the place to live. Economy is good and the cost of living is low.
I born and raised in Lafayette, LA. It has been a great city to grow up in. It is the friendliest city in the USA. We have many festivals throughout the year. My favorite is Mardi Gras! I guess that's because I was born on Mardi Gras day.
I graduated from the University of Lafayette and I am proud to be a Ragin Cajun!
I recently went to New York for a graduate school interview and I could not wait to get back to Lafayette because I realized how lucky I was to be from this great city.
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Lafayette is a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family, or go to college. Lafayette is a unique blend of culture, innovative companies, and southern hospitality. I have two children and truly appreciate the city that they get to grow up in. I have done a lot of traveling and have been to some wonderful places, but there is no other place I would rather live.
Lafayette is filled with nice people and has a diverse array of culture. There are many festivals that go on to celebrate all the different kinds of cultures here. It may be small and there aren't a lot of things to do In Lafayette, but its still a pretty decent city to live in.
Lafayette is city full of culture and fun. There is a certain spice in everything from the food to the people and a southern hospitality you can’t get anywhere, but from southern Louisiana. It’s a city that’s big enough to explore, but quaint enough to always find a smiling face and a friend no matter where you are in the city. I’m beyond happy I chose to call this place my home for the last few years.
I’ve grown up here and love the southern hospitality. People here are very kind, the city is not too big, but not small enough to have nothing to do. It’s a growing community with moderately progressive values - however it is more close minded than you may find other places. And with a growing city also comes increased traffic.
Better place to live than where im from originally. It is very busy and there is always something to do. Places are easy to get to and the bus system makes transportation issues not so bad. It has been a great experience living here.
Lafayette, LA is a small town and big city all in one. People are down to Earth and treat you like family.
Great place to live and raise a family. The people here are friendly, and easy going.I have lived here for more than 10 years and i love it. I love fishing to crabbing and going camping.
Lafayette is a clean and friendly city nestled in the center of small country towns in the beautiful state of Louisiana. The southern charm and hospitality can be felt throughout the whole city, when you visit expect to be greeted with a hi ya, a friendly wave from strangers, and how y’all doing today. It offers endless options for job placements, and a vast array of food choices and clothing/shopping stores. Traffic is terrible from the congestion caused by the countless people making the thirty-minute trek into town, which in turn causes significant damage to the road ways. The police officers do a great job at keeping the city safe and are always letting their southern manners seep through. Come on out and grab a boudin from our local shops, and don’t forget to put a smile on your face and get the lingo down while you’re here.
I was born and raised in Lafayette and as the years passed by the community just went down. I would like to see the night life change, the safety for the people get much much better, for the schools to actually teach our kids and stop taking away from their learning. I just would like everything to get better for everyone in Lafayette.
Lafayette is a very tree friendly place. The people here are very nice, welcoming, and always willing to speak.
Need more family friendly businesses..a nice water park or amusement park to the area would be nice...there is enough property for it to be considered.
Lafayette is a good area to live in . Good amount of things to do for entertainment, dining, or family fun. Food is good. Just like any other area you have your ups and downs .
Great small big city. School Board has some issues to correct to get public schools on track. The economy was tied to Oil & Gas and currently moving more towards Healthcare.
There are so many things to do, you are not limited to certain things. During the day you can walk the streets of downtown Lafayette without a worry while having a beautiful sight. The people are nice and if you name it they have it. I 10/10 recommend visiting Lafayette if you are in the south Louisiana area!
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As a current resident! I am satisfied with Lafayette overall and would consider it home. I have been told by many visitors that the people that live here are more friendly.
I love Lafayette, there is always something to do. Festivals are very common during the summer, and there is always live music to go listen too. Lafayette has a huge selection of bars and restaurants to choose from. On the weekends, its downtown area has lots of hang outs and bars to choose from.
Lafayette, LA is true southern living. We are in the heart of Cajun Country and surround by even more beautiful areas to experience Louisiana for what it is, amazing! Southern hospitality is at its finest, the food is amazing, the people are extremely friendly!
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