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Small town w/ a stagnant economy, terrible schools, conservative leadership & home prices inflated. Racial and gender inequity is a huge challenge.
Very friendly community. People greet you with their genuine hospitality when you relocate in Acadiana. This is Cajun Country, with good people. Their unique and vibrant culture is so much fun to immerse in.
Commonly recognized as the 'Hub City' of Louisiana, it has been built on a foundation of community and culture. Personally, growing up in Lafayette, at the age of 22, I would definitely suggest Lafayette to anyone looking to find a place to raise their family in a safe and opportunistic town.
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Lafayette is becoming a larger and larger City so it's often full of traffic. People don't walk around unless it's downtown and everywhere is now considered dangerous (much like the rest of the world) its sad to see my city slowly losing its sense of community due to all the new people here.
If you like to eat , you will love it here . If your an outdoors type person ( hunting not included) you’ll be bored to tears
Lafayette, Louisiana is your typical college town in some respects; the area is known to have an avid nightlife and there are always festivals and celebrations to keep the 20-somethings out of the house. At the same time, the town maintains a professional side, keeping older ("adult") residents happy with a booming oilfield economy filled with job opportunities and family-friendly opportunities. The town is a pleasant place to live despite large amounts of traffic and nearly constant construction and road work. It's almost impossible to be bored or go hungry in a town like this.
I love Lafayette, it truly is the happiest city in the United States! The people are very friendly and everybody knows everybody here.
Lafayette, apart from some small accounts, I would say is a very friendly environment. People seem to be givers rather than takers and put aside their differences for the greater good.
I’ve lived here for 15 years and i can say that People here are rude and it’s also a very boring place to live not a good place to raise a family either only good thing about this place is the food.
I have lived in Lafayette my entire life. I grew up in the public school system and have been to many restaurants and local events throughout the years. The public schools do have some great teachers, but the facilities are falling apart. I found that teachers and faculty are incredibly overbearing and enforce benign rules on students that makes enjoying school difficult. The food here is great, better than any other city/state I've ever traveled to. But staying healthy can be hard unless you enjoy only working out at the gym. The city is not optimized for bike riders or runners/walkers.
Lafayette is a great place to live. The only thing I can say is that recently there has been a lot of negativity floating around the community. But, one thing I can say is that when something does happen no matter the race the community always sticks together.
Jobs are a bit limited. Roads need re-surfacing. Some schools are great for younger children. Entertainment areas are limited for children as well.
Lafayette is a cultural experience one must experience at least once in his/her life! With food flavored beyond belief, Mardi Gras celebrations wild for adults and students yet simultaneously tame for children, it is quite incredible. Words can only do so much for this city. Come visit and experience this for yourself!
This is a great community with a real focus on family and work-life balance. There are always festivals and other events going on that are fu. For kids as well. The annual international music festival is wonderful and it alone is worth making a trip here. Most of all, the people here are the friendliest I have ever come across. We have lived here now for five years and have loved every minute of it.
I have lived in lafayette all of my life and have enjoyed it this far. It is a city with diverse culture and is always welcoming.
Love the small town feel even though it is a growing city. There is always something going on whether its nightlife, family, or active exercise events. A very welcoming community with tons of local shops and restaurants featuring some of the best artists and cooks. Cute neighborhoods for every style and generally a safe town.
I love Lafayette, however, I just wish there were more places open at night. We need more places to be open late at night, whether it is restaurants or places to hangout.
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I grew up here and graduated from Lafayette High school. Over the past 50 years, Lafayette has grown and, with that growth, things have changed. The best things: good healthcare, great culture and food, large Catholic community, and decent housing. The bad things: too much commercialism from out of state has diminished the Cajun culture, politics have always been slanted and corrupt to benefit local wealthy families, and crime has increased. We always adapt, but as a future retiree, I am looking to live elsewhere. The flooding issues still abound around Lafayette parish. The developers and the local governments don't seem to plan ahead to mitigate it either. Roads and traffic are long time issues that never seem to get better either.
The heart of cajun country. Lafayette is filled with well-mannered, kind hearted people that know how to have a great time. The city has amazing food and festival scene.
They have a lot of restaurants and shops to choose from. Public places, like the library, are very well kept. Diversity is great. But the traffic is pretty bad.
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