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I enjoy the simple fact thats it small enough to where I know my neighbors, yet large enough so that when I go to the grocery store I don't run into said neighbors. I can walk my dog whenever I want, and always feel safe. I could walk to school if I needed to and always feel safe.
A nice small town, growing a lot recently. A good mix of old, well established places with new places sprouting up that appeal more to the millenial taste. There's a distillery, a cidery, and at least 8 microbreweries that I can think of off the top of my head. Lots of coffee roasters, too. Lovely community coffeeshops and such
This is a great and calm neighborhood. Tho because more houses are being constructed it is getting less and less cozy. The stores are near and it's awesome. The only reproach I have against Lafayette is the too many rabbits and dog prairies.
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Still some rural pockets left but mostly a suburb of Boulder/Broomfield County. Small town feel currently but that will go soon.
My experience in Lafayette has been great I've grown up here so its always great the things I loved seeing growing up here is the changes to local stores add-ons and locations and different availability to home.
Some parts are still kind of dumpy, there is new development that is improving the are around, not very many restaurants and I hope that they build more.
I love living out here! We just recently moved here to attend CU Boulder and I couldn't be happier! The traffic is a lot less intense than in Denver and I love how much open space is available! There is also a large hospital right in the center and lots of great locally owned shops along Public Road through Old Town Lafayette! What a great neighborhood to live in!
Lafayette is a great town that is growing rapidly. The community is great and the energy is amazing.
Great small town. Quick access to Boulder and Denver. Beautiful outdoor trails that we have quick access to. Neighboring towns are just as lovely and quaint
Moved to Lafayette about one and half years ago. It’s a great little town with cute shops, restaurant and emerging art life. Also lots of lovely little breweries. Very safe, good schools. Great life in Lafayette!
Lafayette is an amazingly diverse community. The people who live in Lafayette are nice and accepting of everyone.
I love the community of Lafayette. Everyone is super friendly and always glad to help put wherever needed. A very tight knit group of people.
I love the atmosphere of Lafayette, CO. I wish this small town would have more community festivals to share and expand current and new businesses. Having the community get together makes this city a more beautiful home to not only myself but to everyone who lives here!
Lafayette is a small town that is growing rapidly. Now the home to pubs and restaurants, the town has become more of a place for young people to live and build families. Once a small farm town with nothing but a Wal Mart to go to for shopping, now there are many options for shopping and dining.
Lafayette Colorado is a fantastic place to live. It is the perfect distance from both Boulder and Denver, and has a cute small town feeling. It is a friendly town known for having more doggy day cares than coffee shops, and a variety of food trucks and breweries to choose from.
Lafayette is pat of Boulder County. Lafayette has been up and coming for many years. It's hard to move in to a really nice place because housing is becoming scarce because Boulder has few houses at a reasonable price. That being said Lafayette and the neighboring cities are all family friendly with many activities for kids. Lots of outdoor things to do for parents. Night life in Boulder is good. A lot of good restaurants are opening in Lafayette and Boulder itself has many top notch dinning places. There is rough 300 plus days of sun light in Lafayette and winters are very mild comparable to other places. Lafayette is a really good place to live and raise children.
Great small subard just outside of boulder and within a half hour give it take to Denver. There's so much to do from fine dining to river trails.. The list goes on..
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I have lived in Lafayette for 3 years now. It is a safe place to live, and everyone is really friendly.
It is a good area, it do not have too much population. It is still under development. Its a quiet area with not much going on.
I love the people and sense of community. I can not wait for the new businesses in town as well as the renovation of old, rundown buildings. I hope the pawn shop is replaced with something more refined.
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