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The town is quiet and peaceful if you enjoy that type of setting. However, there is not much to to other than out to eat.
La Vernia has a small town feel, but still close enough to San Antonio. The schools are great and my children love the area.
La Vernia was where i grew up my whole life. I wouldn't have had it any other way! Very nice town with super friendly people, and a great size. I always feel safe also and at home. Great place for families.
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I moved to La Vernia from San Antonio, which is only about 20 minutes from town and it was the best decision we have ever made. We used to live in a subdivision with a HOA which limited us to so much of we wanted to do in our home. We now live on 3 acres with 3 horses and can have as many animals as we want and basically do what we want without being told what we can and can not do on our property. Neighbors are very friendly and the area is serene and peaceful.
I've lived in La Vernia, Tx. Throughout the last 2 years and have enjoyed the people, weather, scenery, and mostly the food. People here are nice, private and friendly. The school district is amazing!
The education system is great my kids currently are enrolled and I am a current employee. It is a very down to earth town and tight knit.
La Vernia is a small town. I love it because schools are so close together and people here are very friendly.
La Vernia, Texas is a small town just outside of San Antonio. I've grown up here and its beautiful and full of kind people.
A quiet Texas town that has seen major growth in the past few years due to the oil boom. Not much to see or do here.
My family and I just recently moved to the city of La Vernia due to the oilfield. We did a lot of research and we feel that we could not have chosen a better place to live. The schools are magnificent, the people are friendly, and we have felt very comfortable in our new community. I am sincerely grateful to have gotten to spend my junior and senior years of high school here.
I have lived in La Vernia for three weeks and it is great here. All of the people are polite and it is easy to get around town. Although it is a small town there is a huge HEB here that meets all of my household needs.
La Vernia is a growing small community outside of San Antonio, Texas. Real estate is a bargain and because of that, it has started to loose some of its small-town feel. Overall positive comments for this bedroom community.
Lavernia is a small country town. Slowly growing but it's quiet, peaceful, & safe. My kids can go outside and play without having to worry about cars flying by.
I live rather close to the police dept. I haven't heard of much crime other than traffic violations such as running red lights/ stop signs. The real safety issue out in the country is the wild animals or farm animals that get loose and wander into the roads.
There aren't a lot of options.
There are a lot of people who don't exercise or eat healthy. Over abundance of fast food.
Everything is pretty spaced and open.
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Not much to say. Pecan Park is nice.
There is very little crime in my area, as both of the nearest towns are relatively small.
I personally don't have need to call firemen or police officers, so I'm ignorant of how good they are.
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