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I love living here. Its peaceful. Clean. Safe. Good schools. I think Kulpsville is great. Lots of stores.
Police are very active. I see them all the time. Very friendly. After the school fire, a small sense of fear has appeared, but the situation has been dealt with and I don't forsee another event like this.
Only reason I say it's ok is because exactly where I live isn't very pedestrian-friendly. Lots of areas with busy roads and no sidewalks.
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I think it's a very old community meaning that people are connected to each other or know each other.
I think the housing is fine. There are several commercial buildings that are run-down and need someone to rent them
For the most part this is a safe area. There are some robberies or vandalism but other than that it's ok.
It's a pretty good area but there are things that could definitely improve
In the winter, it gets extremely cold here in Pennsylvania. We get snow a lot- especially the past few years. The roads and potholes are actually really terrible because of the cold and snow and plowing. It's a big problem in PA. In the spring it is beautiful. The weather is lovely. If it rains a lot the rivers will flood and often flood up and onto the streets so you have to be careful if you're driving. The summer we get a lot of thunder storms and the lightning has been known to strike ground. The fall is beautiful and very chilly.
Most places are just a few minutes drive away depending on where you live. There is an extremely large variety ranging from fast food, pizza, italian, burgers/bars, and grocery stores. I'm not old enough to drink so I don't really know where there are good bars or places to drink, nor happy hour prices or liquor store locations however my mom goes to happy hour a lot and knows all of that and she seems pretty happy with it all.
Because there are so many big places like wawa, walmart, plus tons of restaurants, there is a lot of availability for employment. However many of the jobs would not be great for adults. They're more geared towards younger people from 15 to 25 years old. I personally did not like any of the emloyment options so I drive about twenty minutes to work where I work retail at Tommy Hilfiger.
Just down the road from me is a wawa gas station, chic fil a, mcdonalds, chances restaurant, pizza place, lowes, shop rite, and more. It's great having all of that so close to me. Drive about 5 minutes and there a walmart, more gas stations, dunking donuts, another wawa (not gas station, just store), a bar, another pizza place, giant, a hair salon, etc. Living in my area there is a lot. There is pretty much everything except a movie theatre. I'd say there are more big companies than smaller self made businesses but they hold their own and are great places to go as well.
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