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Quite town but everyone is in everyone else’s business. Nothing to do in town. Very boring unless you like gossiping
Kouts is small town full of welcoming people. It's a great place to live and we look forward to raising our children here someday.
It is a small town with affordable housing. The school is very involved with the students and the community. The town has seasonal events that bring the community and visitors together. There is a nice town park and newer park available for everyone to use along with soccer, softball, and baseball fields. The town is small, quaint and clean and presents a small town charm. It is a close commute to bigger towns for shopping and dining. It isn't too far from major highways to travel to Chicago or Indianapolis. There is a medical clinic in town that has caring nurses and doctors for everyone's medical needs.
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Kouts is a very nice farming community. It is not the place to go out to eat or go somewhere to spend time with the family.
I've lived in Kouts for eighteen years or so. It's not diverse and it's hard to fit in if you don't go to church or have ties to the farm community. The town is very small and white. I'd love the town to become more diverse one day. There's a troubling amount of racist and homophobic people. There's not much to do and no nightlife aside from the one bar.
That being said, our small town is safe. Everyone knows everybody and is ready to help each other out. Our public school will have you ready to write a college paper. If you like church, there's one on every corner. Have a bite at one of three restaurants.
If you find yourself in need of food or recreation, head north to Valparaiso; that's what the rest of us do.
Good police presence clean neighborhoods
New eateries and shopping along with parks.
I don't really have any concerns about the crime and safety of Kouts. Kouts doesn't really have any crime, but if you need the police they are always around. I always see them driving around just making sure everything is okay in the area.
The overall experience of this area is great. My neighbors are really nice and it's always quiet. There never really any disturbances. All of my neighbors are there for eachother.
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