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Knoxville is a fast growing city! New restaurants and companies are popping up all the time! The weather is great and the communities always trying to improve. If there was one thing I hope to improve, it would be the public school systems. There are some good ones but only within the wealthier neighborhoods.
I love Knoxville because of its beauty and attractions. Knoxville has city and is close to the mountains. We have so many great schools and we have the University of Tennessee Knoxville (Go VOLS!). However, Knoxville is a top sex trafficking location due to the countless interstates that lead you in and out of Knoxville.
Bad traffic due the connection between north south east west. People are ok. Great state because of no income or personal property taxes. Bad roads.
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Sometimes you feel compelled to adore the places you are from. There may be no comparison or actual validity for "loving" Knoxville anymore than just appreciating the homeliness of where you grew up. The overwhelming nostalgia and mindfulness of your own personal growth will always have a contriving representative factor in your opinion of a place.
Knoxville is an eclectic town in TN. It reminds me a bit of Portland without the weird. ;) I really like the versatility, as well as diversity that surrounds the area. I have found great places to shop, eat, and relax. My first weekend in Knox I went to an Art fair downtown and fell in love.
Knoxville is very laid back, this is the perfect place to raise your kids.Knoxville is also great if you are retired and are ready to settle down.
I personally love Knoxville for the diversity it offers. Everyone is friendly and theres so many new and exciting places to explore. You are surrounded by the beautiful mountains while being in a City. Knoxville is where I see myself moving back to when I graduate college with my nursing degree. Knoxville is and will always be home sweet home to me.
I have lived here for all of my life and I am beyond satisfied. I don't think that I would want to live anywhere else. Knoxville has an amazing atmosphere, and the people are always nice. Great place to be!
I have lived in Knoxville for the majority of my life and I love it. A lot has changed over the years. It’s continuing to grow and starting to become more diverse. It’s a great place to raise a family.
Knoxville is a very loving and caring city. If you are looking for a place that you can call home Knoxville is the place. From the University of Tennessee to the Great Smokey Mountains you will never go bored in Knoxville Tennessee.
Knoxville is actually a really nice city. I love the things to do and it's very populated. UTK is also very nice.
This city has a lot to offer. It is situated in between the mountains and the Tennessee River flows right through it, so hiking and other outdoor activities are readily available. There is a strong arts community, a growing music scene with several festivals throughout the year, and a growing selection of more unique restaurants. Several breweries and distilleries opened within the past couple years, so downtown has truly grown in popularity. Having UT downtown also offers football, basketball and baseball SEC games throughout the year.
Knoxville is a wonderful place for young families that are wanting to raise wholesome, well rounded children.
Knoxville is becoming such a cool area for young professionals. Lots of new, hip restaurants going up and a lot of influence from Nashville. Love the farmer's markets and the market square area.
I want the roads to be better. The schools are pretty good but could use improvement. The food you can get is really good though. Fresh sushi or steak. We've got a really good community aswell.
What I like about Knoxville is the fact the people are very friendly. There are many things to do and it is a family oriented town it is the perfect place to raise a family, and invest in land, build a home, and start a family. It is a wholesome place to live. People look out for each other. And the neighbors are always willing to lend a helping hand, especially in the time of crisis. I know people think of Dollywood and pigeon forge when you mention Knoxville. but there is so much more to see Everybody really does stick together. I was born here raised my children here, and now I am watching my children raise their children here it is a beautiful thing
One thing I love and found unique about my city of Knoxville is our city's anthem song called Rocky Top Tennessee. We are the only city I know that has a song that represents our city and everyone from here knows it. If you go out to the bars in our downtown area you will hear them playing it. Its a bluegrass upbeat tempo that everyone dances to. I also love our views that we have here along with the beautiful outdoor activities such as Ijamass Nature Center. I love the overall spirit of this city and I'm grateful to live here.
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I was born and raised in Knoxville, it is a very family friendly town, where the residents go the extra mile to help another in need. My experience in Knoxville has always been positive and I don't know of anything that I would like to see change in my hometown. It is incredible!
I moved here from Jacksonville, FL and love it so far! Knoxville is a big change from Florida; there are mountains and trees in every direction you look. This city is very clean and the people here are kind. There are nature trails, shopping centers, and great restaurants to visit. The city is also fairly small in comparison to Jacksonville, so driving distance is short. My husband and I are looking forward to starting our married life here.
Knoxville is a small metropolitan area. There's generally a lot to do and the city is primarily safe and offers that southern hospitality everyone speaks of. The only down side is that if you're for late night or all night venues the choices are extremely limited.
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