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I enjoy living in Kissimmee. There are many shops and places to eat, and it's a relatively quiet place. You're far enough away from the tourist attractions that you don't have to deal with a lot of tourists, but you're still close enough to enjoy the attractions. Kissimmee is close to Disney World, Universal, and a few other theme parks in Florida. Kissimmee is a very diverse place. The schools are not the greatest though, and the traffic can be a major issue.
Kissimmee is an amazing place to visit, or even live in. I lived here my whole life and there's nowhere I'd rather be. There may not seem like so much here, but from Kissimmee you can go to Disney World, SeaWorld, or even Universal with very little travel, and affordable living. Kissimmee also has many wonderful people from so many different places, they all have unique stories to tell. If you come to Kissimmee you would instantly fall in love with the scenery and residents. Kissimmee is truly a magical place.
Kissimmee is not that big of a city. There are a few fun things to do like visit Old Town where there are so many fun things to do like go on go carts and grab something to eat at the food trucks nearby.
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Despite being a resident every time i come back home from vacation their is always a prone sense of unwillingness to make it back. I like to see the environment grow and flourish with the schools and community as-well.
Kissimmee experiences a flood of tourists every season from all over the world. Overall Kissimmee is a great city to visit, live, and make home. Kissimmee is a great place for families
There are great community events, but not many sidewalks in smaller areas for pedestrians. Kissimmee has a diverse community and accepts people from all over the States.
It is small and unexciting. Truth be told, It is a great place to settle down in peace but suffocating for any young, free spirit.
It's a very peaceful place to live in. The neighborhoods are really quiet. I wish there were more entertainments around. There's not much accidents that occurs around here. Kissimmee is a trust worthy place where you can raise your child. The public schools doesn't support bullying. They take that really seriously.
Kissimmee is overall a decent place to live. As a student in high school I really enjoy it. People are interactive and friendly, my favorite part of Kissimmee is the community we have built together. We help each other in need and lookout for each other. If I could change one thing about Kissimmee for the better would be to build more roads to lessen the traffic and improve transportation for everyone.
Lived in Kissimmee for 25years. Used to be a small cow town. Has changed to much for me. Ready to go, too many people coming here. The traffic is terrible pretty bad it takes a half hour to go 5 miles. I can walk faster. Drugs being sold everywhere hookers walking main street. Homeless on every corner. Just telling what I see everyday. I am working on getting out of here. RUN
What I like about Kissimmee is that there is a multitude of businesses in the area ranging from local grocery shops to supermarkets and more. I would like for some of the streets to be fixed though.
Kissimmee Florida is a great city. Much of it overlaps Orlando being home to Disney, Universal, Seaworld, Aquatica, Wet W' Wild, N' much more. This city is very diverse with great housing and many attractions and shopping centers. The down side is the traffic. Kissimmee experiences a flood of tourists every season from all over the world. Overall Kissimmee is a great city to visit, live, and make home.
Kissimmee is a great place for families. There`s a lot of food places and little shopping outlets. Old Town Kissimmee is great for spending time with your family. There is great food, shopping and family entertainment. The Chocolate Museum and Cafe is amazing and Sea World is just a few minutes away from Kissimmee. Not to mention Walt Disney is not far form Kissimmee. The only disadvantage is the traffic. The traffic can be really bad in the evening hours. But other than that Kissimmee is great for spending time with your loved ones.
Beautiful place and relatively calm. Disneyland and other parks are close but far enough to escape the bulk of tourists
Kissimmee is quite the busy area do to the amount of tourists that come every month. It is quite expensive but pays off because of its neatness and how close every shop is to the neighborhoods. It is still quite new and has new construction almost everywhere you go.
Kissimmee is pretty nice. They have many places to go to where you can spend time with friends. And they also have all types of people and places to eat.
It's right outside the heart of Orlando and is a vastly building community. Lots of shoppes and monthly activities and events for families to attend.
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I work in Kissimmee and it's not a bad area to be work but be very careful during the night or after dark.
I enjoy kissimmee, It's a nice place to live I have lived here for 24 years and it has been a great place to grow up. It is a central place to live near most all Florida attractions.
I like the people! everyone is super nice! There is a lot of activities you can do with your family. There are a lot of amusement parks nearby like universal, disney! great!
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