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I have had a great experience in Kirkwood growing up. I have been in the public school system my whole life and have felt like I learned and grew so much because of it. There is a great system in place
Kirkwood is a historic area, with a great night life, many parks and recreational facilities for kids. Kirkwood is a great area to make money in for laborers, landscapers, builders and contractors.
Kirkwood is a good place to have grown up. Downtown Kirkwood boasts interesting shops and restaurants. While some people here are a little snooty most are welcoming and king people.
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I have lived in Kirkwood for about 7 years now, and I have absolutely loved it. The school system is incredible and the location is ideal as a result of all of the restaurants in downtown Kirkwood as well as its location with respect to the rest of the St. Louis area.
I think Kirkwood is a great place to settle down and raise a family. Kirkwood has a great community that is centered around the middle class. I think the schools here are exceptional, and the area is very safe.
It's the most cliché suburban town imaginable, safe and quiet but with absolutely nothing to do. As a soon-to-be-college student, I have absolutely no intentions of staying, but it's perfect for families.
Kirkwood is an enchanting community filled with generous and well-intentioned people. Whether it be the friendly neighbors next door or the local shops, many who visit Kirkwood leave more peaceful and fulfilled people.
This is a small town with old Victorian homes in pristine condition, as well as small cottages. It is near several super highways that take you anywhere you want to go. Schools are superior. If you are a doctor or lawyer or corporate executive this is the place for you.
Kirkwood is the best community to live in! The people are truly proud to live here and you know that by the support they show for its local businesses, the overwhelming support for the schools, and the way they come together for special occasions like the annual greentree festival, football games, and holidays. When you live in Kirkwood, you feel special because you truely feel apart of the Kirkwood family. The downtown is to die for with many local businesses and bars for night life. The plaza is a great gathering place with many restaurants lining the street and then the Thursday night concerts that have the downtown filled with people enjoying eachother. It’s just overall a great place to live.
Love the character and small town feel. There really is nothing like it. We do have a town center and excellent schools that rank in top 5 in all of Missouri. Love the trees and walk ability. Many places to shop and dine or catch a play or listen to a concert!
Popular place to live; great school district. There are mostly older homes in the community but it’s amazing to see all the new homes that keep getting built!
We just moved to downtown Kirkwood last year after downsizing. We have an apartment on the Plaza right on top of some of our favorite restaurants. We can walk to dozens of restaurants in 5 minutes. The YMCA is 2 blocks away. The Amtrak Station is across the street, and so is City Hall. Downtown is very walkable and we walk everywhere now. And I can easily bike a few blocks to Grant's Trail which is a bike trail where abandoned rail tracks used to be. It is 16 miles off-road end to end and it goes right by the Clydesdales at Grant's Farm, the free Anheuser Busch home and animal park.
Kirkwood is an amazing community with many different things to do. A beautiful down town and many traditions make this city even better. Best school district in the state.
I love the downtown. It is a fun, kid-friendly area with great food. The schools are excellent. It is so safe and a great place to raise a family.
Very good community and has a large park and many outdoor opportunities. School district is great and the town is very safe.
kirkwood is a great place. the town is located to where you are not to far from the city but do not have the city cost.
Very comfortable downtown area, and then big name stores on outskirts. A progressive suburb with many historical sites, which works hard at increasing diversity and things to do throughout the year. Many people move here for the schools. Real estate is on the higher end, but available at most price points.
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Great place to raise a family, plenty of nice neighborhoods with plenty to do. In the center of everything, not too far from the city, not too far from the country.
Small town feel in urban environment. Location is centrally located and family friendly. City manages most of public services resulting in great service and affordability.
Great small -town-feel suburb in the middle of St. Louis county. Walkable to boutiques, restaurants, bars and even an Amtrak train station.
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