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Kingsville is a small, friendly town in Texas. For the most part, everyone here is very kind. One thing that I think could help improve this town are more places for entertainment. There is not much to do in Kingsville and I think something like an arcade would help bring everyone together to have fun.
Kingsville, TX is a small town that has a lot of heart. The community is close and is always open to welcoming a newcomer. Although the town does not have much to offer in the entertainment department there is never a dull moment when you're surrounded by the people of this great town.
There is not much to do in Kingsville, TX. I honestly find a lot of the people repulsive. I am 17 years old and about to graduate, and I cannot wait to leave the town.
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Small town with an awesome university. The people here are nice and there is a sense of community. Since this is a small town professional jobs are limited. However, bigger cities like Corpus Christi (45 mins) and San Antonio (2.5 hours) are nearby.
What I love about Kingsville is that its small and a perfect place to raise a family. It is an overall safe place to live if you are hanging with the right crowd.
I've lived in Kingsville for over ten years. Many people are drawn to this small, quaint town for it's university (Texas A&M). However, since it is a small town, there isn't much to do. Businesses would thrive here if they tried to appeal to the college population more.
It's a small town. Almost everyone knows everyone and although there are a lot of food places there is not a lot to do for entertainment other than shop, walk around, movie theatre, nail parlor, hair places, and just the simple stuff.
Look Kingsville needs to be called out for what it is. It is a place you go only if you fit these categories: to attend an affordable college, run away from your past, retire, or it's all that you know as you were born and raised there. If you have a goal to become debt free and a timeline, this place is amazing to get it done. The cost of living is dirt cheap, but it shows. If you can stay focused on your goals, then and only then would I recommend Kingsville.
The town has so much potential, but the people are stuck in 1995. They are slow to everything, don't understand basic concepts (i.e using turning signals 100 feet before a turn, it's a brah-ma bull not a bray-ma bull, Kids are bored so there will be petty crime because the old Kingsville native men in office don't want to change the good ole boy community that they love, etc) and don't forget they drive with panic if it drizzles.
Again if you don't fit the categories I stated above, stay away.
Relatively small town. Small town politics are difficult to navigate. Job market can be very difficult for those that aren't from here. Haven't had the best experience with businesses in the area. Town has a ton of potential, but change is very slow moving. Pot holes, unfinished sidewalks, chipped paint on buildings, etc. seem like easy fixes but aren't a priority.
I consider Kingsville to be a small town considering it is a college town. There is not very much to do in the town other than eat. I was expecting the town to be bigger than it actually is and for there to be options. The good thing is that it is close to Corpus Christi so it is a short drive to better options.
I've lived here all my life. It's a small town. It takes about 5 minutes to get where your going. Everyone knows everyone. It's an old town with multiple historical areas.
Well Kingsville is a nice place. Especially since Texas A&M University - Kingsville is at the center of it all. I like that the university brings a great diversity of people to the small town. It is great seeing young people coming and enjoying their stay. I would like to see Kingsville grow, and by that I mean more places to visit, places to interact with and meet people. well just to grow in people as in business.
I enjoy this town when I drive to school. I have had no problems when here and I do see some room for improvements
not a very accepting community. Hmmm i guess small community like, and friendly but people are very small talked, double faced and not accepting overall campus tries to overcompensate but not a personal city I would like to invest small town values ethics morals and what not. Hmm nice if you're into small town relationships other than that find somewhere else.
When I first moved to Kingsville it was new experience for me having grown up in a big city. The streets of Kingsville are some of the worst streets littered with potholes. Being a small town there is not that much stores and restaurants. The towns movie theater is located inside a building with many vacant spaces and the seating is not all that great.

One thing that I like about Kingsville is not having to deal with heavy traffic like in most major cites.
Another aspect of Kingsville I found enjoyable it the park which also includes soccer and baseball fields.

The one thing I would like to see changed is the condition of the streets. Another change if would like to see is a bigger variety of restaurants.
Lived here forever. Unless you're here for the Naval base, college, or King Ranch, there really isn't much here.
Being that i am a student here at the univeristy of kingsville i can say i lile the ability to have close relationships with staff students and your studies. Huge city distraction are not around such as city life however that includes some of our retail clothing stores and eaterys which we have few of. Its a quite college town. Id like to see more retail shops that cater to the community and better community involement .
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Kingsville has good citizens. I wish there were more things to do in the town for high schoolers. Some people aren't seen as important due to lack of relation to top priority people. If you are related to a teacher of a school district for instance, you are automatically at the top of the totem can get away with anything.
Kingsville is a pretty small town in south Texas. The climate is terribly hot and there is a fairly limited party scene. Both of these features, however, are conducive to an excellent study environment. There are food places, a few pubs, and a theater, but those aside, all that is in the town is the university and cattle. The locals are friendly enough, and the businesses have all of the odds and ends you could need, plus a major beach city (Corpus Christi) is less than an hour away, meaning that weekends can be spent in a more major city, if desired.
I love living in kingsville for many reasons. Its a very close knit community where neighbors come together as family to help one another out. We have some pretty famous landmarks in our Area that we're proud of.. The King Ranch, Kingsville Naval Air Station, Texas A&M University Kingsville and the Best Local Southern Cooking Restaurants:)
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