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For the most part, people are very kind and welcoming. Downtown is full of beautiful history and small businesses. Being my hometown, i have seen its easy to make friends and acquaintances. Crime isn't heavy, and its very calm and comfy.
Kingsburg is a great town. Honestly not much to do but a very nice place to live. Kingsburg has some good fast food places. I also had the cutest little down town area ever. It is a little Swedish town plagued with Dala horses. If I leave this town ever I will be so sad. I will always come back to visit. I plan to keep Kingsburg as my home for awhile.
I like the small town feel as well as the Swedish inspired setting. Downtown area is themed with Swedish drawings, symbols as well as their well know horse statues throughout the town.
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I am a current student at Kingsburg High School in Kingsburg, Ca. I truly believe great things come out from here and I also know that we as a community work together to overcome any differences we come across.
I have been a resident of Kingsburg for almost 20 years. I came from a large city to this small town environment and I couldn't have had a better experience. The small town atmosphere is ideal for raising a family and you get to build relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.
Our town is a very small but close community. everyone here is friendly. the downtown is themed and safe. There is a lot of protection here.
Kingsburg is a very small town in central California. It has Swedish roots, brought to life by its architecture and local activities. While there may not be much to do in town if you're looking for excitement, Kingsburg is very close to Fresno, which is only a handful of hours away from L.A.
I have grown up and gone to Kingsburg schools all my life. It is a very safe and sheltered community.
Kingsburg is a nice little town in California. It's a great place to raise kids and call home. It's generally safe and calm with fun activities to do.
I have lived in Kingsburg for almost two years and now have decided to move back to Clovis Ca. Kingsburg is a small farm town with minimal to do and minimal resturants. I have to drive 30 just to go shopping in a decent area where prices are not marked up. The school from what I have seen are horrible. They do not address the learning disabilities of children and continue to let them stuggle and pass them on to the next grade.
Kingsburg is a great small town. Very beautiful and warm welcoming for anyone wanting a safe place to raise a family. No violence or crime as I have mentioned it is a small loving town.
Well I've lived in Kingsburg for about 7 years now and could describe it as a small peaceful town. Some of the residents here are Swedish and still follow past traditions by keeping downtown and most of the building in town look Sweden . Overall people are friendly and respectful in which could be a great place to raise children or attend school.
I love how the community in Kingsburg is so supportive & helpful. You get to know everyone & they want their citizens to succeed.
its a nice place to raise a family.
The only place to live in the valley!
We are in a drought and winter does not last long.
Being a small town there are not many restaurants.
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It is a small town but still people are happy.
Being as this is a tourist town, they all reflect this.
i would say my favorite dish is ravioli from a restaurant called Diccoco's
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