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King City is predominantly populated by senior citizens 60+ (next being new couples/families). Which is good, because it keeps things pretty quiet.
This suburb lacks easily accesible stores/shops which is a blessing and a curse. You'll find that the nearest retail is a lower-tier gas station connected to a fast-food restaurant, located on the edge of the area. Though, the distance makes traffic non-existent, other than the result of reoccurring minor construction/roadwork. Construction and roadwork is common here due to the suburbs high maintenance and constant growing real estate headway. There is also an elementary school here, so expect school zones, buses, and many young pedestrians.
King City, Oregon is a great place that offers great service to its residents. The Park is great for all ages and my kids love walking to it.
I am a teen currently living in King City with my family. The area around King City is beautiful, it is full of many flowers and greenery. I also feel like it is a very safe environment to live in, there are many people around of many different ages. Stores are close by, as well as many parks and other things. The only thing I would like to see change about King City is for people to throw away their trash more rather than just leaving it on the sidewalk.
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King City is a quaint little community and creates a 'small town' feel even though it's a suburb of the Portland/Metro area. Everything you need is close together and connected by 99W, which is a main highway that runs through town. So it's easy to run errands such as grocery shopping, getting gas, returning recycling, and grabbing a nice little lunch. There are only a few things I would change such as; adding a cinema, and unfortunately, there is only one sports bar in this area so the prices are high. The weather here is pretty mild if you don't mind enduring a little rain throughout the day in the winter. There are many well kept hiking trails and beautiful places to walk the dog.
The Portland area has average crime. King City itself has little crime and you see police nearly everywhere you go.
Oregon is such a great state due to all of the nature and different climates and atmospheres. The Portland area is the epitome of that as it is near the ocean, the mountains, and the city itself is great. There is lots of food and culture and the people are interesting and friendly.
The police are very quick to respond.
I enjoy where I live. The weather is great and crime rates are low.
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