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Kildeer is a safe area with the police department constantly patrolling. Nature is well preserved in this area. The school districts are really good. During rush hours, the traffic can sometimes be bad. Overall, Kildeer is a nice area for people of all ages to live in.
It’s a great town to raise a family in. There are lots of families in the area and even a private pool that residents are able to join. The location near Deer Park Mall is also great. Overall it’s a great town to live in.
A very conservative middle to upper-class suburb, but a very safe area to live in. A good place to be if you don't really like to be bothered. Very close to attractions such as Woodfield Mall (largest mall in Illinois) and Deer Park town center; the shopping is abundant.
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Kildeer is a relatively small town, so there is not much to do. There is a shopping center, which has a plethora of restaurants and stores, but other than that, there isn't much.
There is only petty theft on occasion. There have been no serious crimes.
This area is very family friendly. The school system is very good and provides a positive learning environment.
Lots of great places to eat
Good. Nice stores and owners who are invested in the community
Local business where I live is very active and has lots of variety. However, big companies tend to dominate the retail sector, while few mom-and-pop shops are around. You can get everything you need in this area within a 5-15 mile radius
Personally, I am heavily involved in my health and fitness. I encourage those who unhealthy habits to become healthier by working out and eating healthier more nutritious food. Most teenagers are active in this area, as well as a good amount of adults. Hospital facilities for the most part are advanced.
In my area, getting a career and and a college education is emphasized. Many recruiters come to this area in search for employees for big corporations.
There is minimal crime in my area and police and law enforcement does its job to protect us.
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