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It is a great place to live and play sports. There are soccer fields, a great beach, a State Park, plenty of restaurants... There is always something to do.
Key Biscayne is an especially unique place and one of the best neighborhoods to live in within Miami, especially if you are raising a family. There are many excellent local restaurants and opportunities for outdoor activities, such as visiting the lighthouse, biking, and playing with your children at the local park. It is a very safe place to live in, allowing you to worry less about your family's safety (Actually not at all). It is a very tight knit community that will allow you to experience many cultures.
I love Key Biscayne, its environment, its family friendliness. I always feel safe when walking at any time of the day and there are many activities to do. The beach is beautiful and it has been a blessing to live here. The restaurants are all fantastic. The only thing that I see as a disadvantage is its poor level of affordability.
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Key Biscayne is a place of respect. People are always conscious of the environment, the residents, the animals, the plants, and the workers. People always stop to say "Hi," whether it is a person that has been living or a person that has been working in Key Biscayne for a long while. People in Key Biscayne learn the important values of life.
I have lived here my entire life and it is a beautiful place to live. It is a family filled community with majority hispanics who are all incredibly nice. While it may be a more exclusive and expensive place to live, it is filled with so much joy which makes it worth it.
What i would like to see in Key Biscayne is more restaurants . They took away my la caretta and i want more cuban food. i also would like to see a burger joint.
I like how safe and family friendly it is. Everything is walking distance and is a pretty nice neighborhood that is vey close to downtown Miami
I like that it gave a very safe environment as it is fairly secluded. However, there is not much diversity in ethnic or race, mainly hispanics. Everything is expensive and people can often be rude. Very kid-friendly for families. Also, there is not much to do in Key Biscayne if you are just visiting as the beaches are all private or residential. There is average food for a fairly high price.
I have lived in Key Biscayne my whole life; it's my home. I never really took into consideration how blessed I was to live this beautiful island until a few years ago. My childhood was perfect living here. I rode my bike to school and I was very involved in local activities. I had a great education in St. Christopher's by the Sea and through this school I learned the importance of kindness, good communication skills, and learning. I am now in high school and I don't attend school here. But, I still live here and every weekend I walk to the beach. Most days I go for a run around my neighborhood and most Fridays my friends and I go to local restaurants. If you are able to live in Key Biscayne I really do recommend it.
It is the same family friendly neighborhood with all the amenities of the large town. It is a 15 minute drive from downtown, Miami Beach, the airport, and anywhere else you’d want to go
I lived there when I was in 7th grade and caught a bus from Key Biscayne to the mainland to Miami to go to school. It was a paradise for boating, fishing dolphin watching and treasure hunting under the water. The Key had 2 sides equally as interesting. The bay side looked to Miami beach and the ocean side looked to Cuba although you couldn't see it. If it rained it dried up immediately I remember that. Red snapper fishing was great. You could even sell the bigger ones at the Key Biscayne Hotel down the beach. Everything good!
Beautiful locations with horrible people. There are nice and clean places to go to like parks and beaches but you will find most of the people there are stuck up rich folk. The elementary school there is only an A rated school because they cheat on their exams. If you are different, you will be singled out.
An amazing place to live and extremely safe. One can walk everywhere and enjoy the wonderful Miami sunny days. There's a lot to do without having the full city experience in Miami. A lot of diversity within the city and super nice environment.
Key Biscayne is a great place specially for families with little kids. It is calm but at the same time has many activities, you can go to the beach, rent a boat, go for a run, go biking, go in the lighthouse, go out to eat, go to the park. There are a great variety of restaurants for the whole family.
There are also several schools, including MAST which is a great public school and several other private schools.
Key Biscayne is self-governing, crime free, a delightfully easygoing tropical Island Paradise and a great place to live, shop, eat and play. Key Biscayne is considered one of the most exclusive areas in Miami and has one of the highest incomes per capita in the United States. Living in Key Biscayne is like Being on Vacation every day. Key Biscayne is just six miles off the coast of Miami which offers Island Life with proximity to the City. Once home, residents feel the big-city bustle melt away.
It is very safe, there is rarely any minor crime
I would never move from here
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