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I love living here, its extremely save... lots of hospitals, a mall, and its just a nice area to live in.
Kenwood is a very modern suburb where you can find cafes and shopping centers at every corner. It is also very clean and safe.
Great place to live, a little expensive but just about anything you could want can be found in Kenwood or relatively close to Kenwood.
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Kenwood is a lovely city in Cincinnati. I personally love it because it's in the middle of some of the larger areas of Cinci, like downtown or Mason/West Chester, so it makes for easy access anywhere. I attend college near downtown, and my husband works near Mason, and our commute time is almost the same.
Finally, it's just cute! The neighborhoods are well maintained, whether the area has wealthier houses or not, and the school districts are good (opinions from friends, I attended school elsewhere).
I know my husband and I plan to buy a house here--it's quiet, accessible, and can accommodate any price range.
The crime rate has gone down, but with the University of Cincinnati, they are reporting everything to students and sending out safety tips and advice. They are really stepping up to keep crime off and away from campus and keeping the students safe.
Cincinnnati has really brought in amazing nightlife to down town and Over the Rhine, which has really been cleaned up a lot. They have put in so many shops and restaurants that are bringing in business. The art all over downtown and in Northside is amazing, I love seeing the murals all over the city. Cincinnati has a nice home town feel, which it is my home town, but everyone from here connects on so many things such as food, annual events and sports. I haven't been to too many other cities, but Cincinnati will always have my heart, whether I live here or not in the future.
The only crime I have been aware of is some entering of unlocked vehicles, but is overall an extremely safe environment. Police are friendly and responsive.
Growing up here gave me a fun and safe place to call home.
All of our neighbors are so friendly. I have kids, and they are so many kids for them to play with. There's also so many movie theaters, shops, restauraunts within a quick driving distance. I personally love living here.
It is a relatively safe place, but it is in the middle of Ohio so there isn't much to learn from culturally.
The general atmosphere is welcoming and there is plenty to do year round. It is a very friendly neighborhood and I absolutely love living here.
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