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Kentwood is a growing, diverse, beautiful little suburb. There’s plenty to do and places to go. Summer is jam packed with activities through the city, and water sports not to far behind. Great community for the family as well as for the Seniors. This city will keep you busy mon-fri and relaxing on the weekends or party if you’d like.
Kentwood is very diverse and a melting pot for all cultures to mix together. Kentwood represents people from over 100 countries. I’ve lived in kentwood for 15 years now and it has quiet neighborhoods with low crime. If you want a safe place to raise children, and to teach them about the various cultures of the world, then consider moving to kentwood
Kentwood is a great place to live! I have lived here the majority of my life and absolutely love the friendly environment.
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Kentwood has an amazing public library that acts as the city hub. It has many parks and trails that are well-kept and well-used.
Kentwood is an excellent town for college students. There is a plethora of job opportunities in retail, manufacturing, or warehouse among other positions. All works well with a part time or full time school schedule.
Kentwood is a beautiful city to reside in. It is very family friendly and safe. The city of Kentwood provides a sense of security during the daytime and at night as well. Being given the opportunity to partake in this community instills a sense of unity. Kentwood is always giving back. There are always events being held at the local library for the children and events that better the community as a whole. We also have a great public school system. From Pre-school to High school, your child could stay in the same district for all the schooling he or he needs.
I feel comfortable in my community and most people are friendly. It's a great place to raise your kids and there are a lot of options for shopping, food, and family fun.
My experience with Kentwood has been good. I grew up in more of a country setting so living in Kentwood has been a good change. I live here with my husband and three kids and my fur baby. I would love to see Kentwood focus on being more dog friendly, as in creating a dog park more in the middle of Kentwood, and allowing more people who rent not have to worry if their dog can live there or not. Kentwood renting and surroundings should be more dog friendly.
Kentwood is a nice city to live in. It has a peaceful atmosphere. I would like the city to have easier ways to cross the road, but overall it is a friendly city
Friendly neighbors, but I wish they were more diverse. We should have speed bumps install for the safety of children since there are a lot who play on the streets in the summer.
I have no complaints about Kentwood. very family-friendly, lots of parks, everything you could need is within 5-10 minutes away from you at all times!
The community is very diverse and unique. There are nicer areas and then there are poorer areas. In my middle class neighborhood many people do have cameras up due to crimes occurring often. There are a lot of stores close by and many things to do in the area.
It is a growing area with more and more restaurants and services being built up. I get accessible to everything I need and enjoy with good security and kind people. The living standard here is in a medium level, and if you enjoy the peaceful life I would highly recommend this place as the best of the bests!
My cosuins and I have spent many summers just hanging out in Kentwood, we find the simple things to do here and make the best out of it.
Kentwood is a very friendly community and it has great public schools with transportation. There are so many things close by. For example, there are a few groceries nearby and lots of places where to stop by and eat. Everyone is very nice and helping others.
Great place to live. Quiet, safe, and many nearby amenities and attractions to prevent boredom. Personally, I enjoy the many hiking and biking trails around all year long. My one request would be that they plow and salt the paved trails more frequently in the winter, but they do a decent job regardless and I greatly appreciate it!
Schools are good and so is the city but not always a lot to do in the town. I would recommend it. Visit the city
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I have lived in Kentwood MI for over a year. Near to the mall and other shopping districts. The main issue is that you cannot buy houses in the area because a large amount of people are trying to move in, but a small amount of people are selling.
Very diverse neighborhood. Love it, many parks and trails for kids and families. Schools are decent. Streets are very clean.
There is a little crime here. So, I would recommend that the city would implement recreational facilities near the areas where the crime rate is most high for the teens and such can spend their time away from the negativity.
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