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For a nice quiet town in Maine. It has a wonderful summer economy, with some of the best downtown scenery. Flowers are planted on main street and the memorial day parade rolls through with the blast of patriotism. Fine dinning is found throughout town and some of the nicest beaches you will ever see.
Great place to visit nice shops down town love the beach though’s is so close some people drive crazy though almost got hit by some guy in a beat up black s10 truck the other day They were probably playing with there phone Or drinking and driving
Kennebunk is a nice small town, what you would expect from a somewhat small southern Maine town. There is a big focus on tourism and the outdoors mainly the beach(ieThe port). Most people other then the few in the port are lower middle class. Has good local food options and a lot of things to do during the summer.
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I've lived here basically my whole life. My mom and grandparents also grew up in Kennebunk. It's such a beautiful small coastal town. Everyone is friendly, and there are plenty of places to go during the day. There isn't very much for teens and young adults to do though.
Its a great little town that has its ups and downs like everywhere else. There's a lot of great people that live here but there's also some trash. If you're ever in southern Maine you've got to stop in and have a look around.
Kennebunk is a very welcoming community. It also has wonderful beaches and walks through nature. There are wonderful shops with kind store owners. The Blue, a coffee shop on Maine Street, is the best coffee shop I have ever been to.
I really like the small town feel, despite getting thousands upon thousands of tourists in the winter and summer months. We have beautiful beaches and a great downtown. The community does a great job at creating a clean and safe environment. The education in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Arundel are top notch and I always felt as though I was getting what I needed at my schools. Whether that meant as an education, a great sports environment, or simply a safe and inviting place to go everyday. The one thing I would change about Kennebunk is maybe creating some more family owned businesses. We are a small town with a small town feel, and our downtown area would be perfect for more variety in businesses as well as more intimate places (even though they do a good job already at that).
The scenery is beautiful, with long, sandy beaches that bring tourists from all over the world. The education is some of the best in the state, giving students the only middle school and high school IB curriculum. The area is very safe, little to no serious crime, and safe enough for many young children to partake in outdoor activeities across town, at any time. The only room for improvement would be on the front of diversity, as the area is largely white protestants. As a whole
Kennebunk is a wonderful town to have your kids grow up in and or start your life. Whether that's through our local Parks & Rec programs or our public schools. Kennebunk gives anyone the chance of opportunities. It's where George H.W.'s summer house is located, we make a mean lobster roll, and yes, it snows. It's hard not to be recognized in this town just because of the friendly community .
I loved Kennebunk growing up, the port is a bustling tourist spot which can be inconvenient but its where most of the town's income comes from.
The people here in Kennebunk are the best out there! I have lived in Kennebunk for 18 years and it's just as wholesome as it's always been. The town is quite small, has a lot of history and a great vibe. Tourists bring a lot to the community, they come for the cute town shops and the beautiful scenes. Even after living here all my life, it never gets old. There's always activities going on and it's gorgeous 365 days out the year.
Kennebunk is a small and safe town in Maine. This town shelters many families and is great to raise young kids. However, it definitely lacks excitement. There is not much to do in this town, so most adults and teenagers usually go to the outside towns, like Portland, to find entertainment. Kennebunk also lacks a range of diversity, which can be seen through the schools. I am a senior in high school and almost everyone I have gone to school with has been white. I would love to be mixed in with a whole bunch of people who have different backgrounds and ethnicities so I wouldn't feel so sheltered from these groups of wonderful people and so I could become more educated when it comes to race and beliefs.
Amazing town to live in! Great community atmosphere, schools and network! Fun can be found during all seasons: Fall apple picking, Christmas prelude, spring farm life and summer fun at the beach!
I have lived in Kennebunk my whole life and there are many positives to living in this town. The community is smaller so you know everybody and school spirit is great! Also, there are many activities that occur in the summer time. The negative with living in Kennebunk is the cost of living and the school system. I feel that the school system needs to change because academics are not the priority instead it is sports.
Kennebunk is a great place to raise a family. Close to Portland, Maine for jobs and extended night life while being close to the beach and woods for experience in nature. There should be more opportunities for young individuals for employment as well as nightlife.
Kennebunk is considered a tourist town, but as a resident it is home. The traffic can be out of hand and outrageous but us Kennebunk people know how to leave early to arrive on time. The businesses both local and corporate are filled with friendly people who are there to help you find your way and to help you achieve the most comfort in their business. The town itself is beautiful, with buildings that date back to the 1800s and constant reconstruction of buildings that were starting to look unpleasant, but still they keep their elegant flair.
It is beautiful area. Beaches are near, wildlife reserves are everywhere. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and things to do. It is a well kept up community with workers tending to the gardens and re-planting trees.

I wish the people I bump into at the grocery store were more friendly, and there were back roads to avoid all the traffic in town. I love it here during the autumn and spring months, but I hide in the summer when tourists come to town.

I would not live in my particular area, downtown, again. The area has beautiful features and is very safe, but I would pick a more rural area with friendlier people, who return a smile when they are given one.
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There are some great options to go out to eat, but there are very few options that are of reasonable price.
There are many possibilities for people of all ages, but it is also very limited.
In this specific town we mainly only have small, personally owned, retail stores. Due to this area being a tourist attraction, the prices are awfully high in the summer time.
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