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I grew up in Keller. It is a very conservative town. A very good place to live for new families, young families, and old families and everyone in between. There are plenty of options for housing, jobs, and recreation. All the amenities that anyone can think of is just a short drive away. Plenty of food options from fast food to sit down restaurants as well as grocery stores.
Keller is a safe, beautiful, friendly place to set down roots in Texas. Lots of things to do and places to eat.
It's an up and coming neighborhood, theres a lot of new things coming, like new stores, shopping centers, and etc. Alliance is near by, which is full of great stores and presidio, with even more stores.
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Keller is safer than 74% of the cities and towns in the US of all population sizes. Keller is really peaceful, everyone is nice and respectful.
Keller is a great place to live. It’s a tight knit community with helping hands from everywhere. People are so friendly and nice to one another.
Keller is an incredibly beautiful place and great for anyone looking to raise a family. The schools are incredible and it's very safe. There are tons of parks for kids and great restaurants. However anyone looking for a, place thats got great night life and is super wild should look somewhere else because keller is a very family friendly, suburban area without many bars or clubs.
Educational system is very good. I enjoy the Theater Arts Department at Central High School. I have learned so much while attending School at Central High School. My parents have encouraged me to following my dreams and attending school here has opened many doors for me and I look forward to going to NYU 2020 this fall. Thank you for considering me to receive this scholarship.
I have lived in Keller my whole life. The trails are really nice and kept up with. The public parks are perfect for all ages. My favorite thing to do when the weather is nice, is to go play sand volleyball at the public courts, which other cities don't have, and if they do, they aren't as nice. The people are pretty friendly for the most part. There's plenty of restaurants that can fulfill any cravings you can have.
I would like to see more community projects that help the middle class, the working class that would help us out!
I have lived in Keller since late October of 2010. Growing up here has been great, it is perfect for families with young children. Keller has grown over the years and more establishments are being built in the Keller so there are plenty of things to do and places to go.
Keller is great city to raise your children! The school district is one of the best and the city is safe, clean and there is so much to do in the town!
Keller Texas is a very welcoming city. It is in a very safe area that is family friendly and has great Public Schools.
love this town! It is safe, schools are good, lots to do, near enough to city for jobs and entertainment but far enough away to feel like your in the suburbs
I love Keller! It's a clean, modern suburb with plenty amenities in short distance and a friendly community.
As a 15-year old sophomore attending Central High School, I believe that Keller, TX is a very safe and friendly place to live in. I have been living here for over 7 years and the schools here are amazing, as well as the atmosphere. People of all ethnicities attend these schools and many people are down to exercise in the early mornings, too. Although, I do have complaints towards the amount of jobs around here and how far my parents are required to drive before actually arriving to their jobs. Still, it's a very nice place to live in.

(P.S. Every natural disaster that has ever struck completely missed us in the past 6 years. Snow, hurricanes, harsh winds, tornadoes, they've missed the Keller area many times. It's a great place to live if you're worried about natural disasters as well!)
I have only lived in the Keller community as a student but I do enjoy the amount of teen and kid friendly activities that are in the are. I do wish the roads were a bit safer for those of us ho walk to school.
I met the love of my life in Keller. This is one city I would recommend to anyone unsure of where to settle down in the Fort Worth area. If I could go back in time, I would’ve moved here sooner.
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Keller is really peaceful, everyone is nice and respectful. There’s no commotion at night and there are many restaurants in the area nearby. There are many parks where everyone can go with their pet and get to spend family time together. I’m extremely happy with how Keller is!
The atmosphere of Keller is unlike any other town I've lived in. Living in Keller is like visiting your grandparents' house: good cooking, friendly atmosphere, and full of treats. Although the population has grown exponentially within these past years, the small town love hasn't ceased to exist.
Wonderful little town. A bit expensive but schools and the friendly neighborhood make it worthwhile.
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