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I like the small town feel and home feeling you get from living here. Plus, you are not too far away from a larger town with everything you could ever need. It is a great atmosphere to live in and be a part of.
There is next to no crime in the Kechi area. The police make a couple of rounds around the neighborhood per day usually, but there are very few instances of crime/danger, if ever.
The housing in this area ranges from very high quality to below-average accommodations, depending upon location. The cost of living should be manageable for most people, and there is enough variety in housing costs and quality for almost anyone to find a fit.
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There is a diverse and expansive community in this area. There are areas of spacious property as well as tight-knit neighborhoods. Most people are friendly, and there's plenty to do and get involved in when it comes to community events. Some events are small, while others include hosting big-name recording artists and other professionals from around the world.
The Kechi/Wichita area has all the perks of a big city (great food, music, downtown atmosphere, etc.). Still, one can easily get away from the noise as one could in a smaller town. There's room for city folk and country folk alike!
Most of the time it is ok
There are a lot of options in this area.
There are a lot of minimum wage jobs available. The aircraft industry was the major industry in this area and its has declined in numbers and jobs.
I do not always trust the public services to be there in a time of true need.
The local businesses in this area are above average. There are numerous and diverse businesses.
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