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Kaysville is a great little town with a lot of family friendly activities. It has a good high school (Davis) and a technical college which allows high school students to enroll for credit too. The only downside is it lacks multiple cultures and a lot is closed on Sunday.
I have grown up in Kaysville and love the closeness of the community here. My family and I feel safe to live here, and love how friendly most everyone is. I love the unique camaraderie that this wonderful city has!
I love Kaysville! It is the small town feel in the middle of some big cities. the only thing I wish was different is the fact that there is only the one grocery store in downtown and so if you need something quick it is your only option. I love Bowman's, but some of their stuff is more expensive.
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Kaysville is a very hometown-like city. There are several events throughout the the year to attend. The best part of Kaysville is Davis High school, which is one of the best High schools in the country. The parks are well taken care of and the streets are decent.
Kaysville is a wonderful city to live in! It's a beautiful town, with a really interesting history behind it. There are many people who care for each other, and who work together to make life better for everyone. It's thriving well, and will continue to in the future.
No worries about anything! Everyone is kind! No creeps! Family built little town! Great schools and great teachers! A lot of great kids!!
Kaysville has been known as Utah's hometown since 1850. The community comes together to support and encourage it's neighbors. When you drive down the street, the neighbors wave and smile. We have traditions of parades, festivities, and fairs. We enjoy reflecting on how Kaysville has changed for the best since 1850. The area today still resembles that of the historic town. From the small town Kaysville Movie Theater to the local Bowman's market, from Ray's Shoe Repair and Mike's Old Time Barber Shop to Main Street Lube and Oil, you can take a drive down main street and see how much the city consists of characteristics that have been here for centuries. We encourage education, parks and recreation, community, and diversity. Kaysville has always been and will always be, Utah's #1 hometown!
It is perfect for raising families! Many beautiful parks and places to eat, beautiful library, and even a technical college to help further your education for a lower price
A smaller town feel achieved by Kaysville is refreshing from the larger cities of Ogden and Salt Lake City that cast long shadows over the entire region. A single exit off the arterial I-15, Kaysville offers a technical college, food, some shopping and numerous quiet communities to live in. Kaysville feels like halfway to everywhere in the SLC area.
Great environment for families! Very close to many fun outdoors activities. Has great schools. Many opportunities to become a better athlete or scholar as the competition is quite high and pushes all to become the best we can be.
Quiet suburb that's very family oriented. Friendly people focused on education and community. It remains relatively a small town though housing developments are blooming there. They have one of the best high schools in the district and often have kids from other towns try to gain variance to go. The education is great and most competitive teams through the high school rank top in the state. There are lots of parks and local events in the summer.
I love Kaysville because it is the perfect, safest suburb. I have a big family and it is the best place to raise a family. With lots of family actives you can always find something to do. Kaysville, Utah is one of the happiest cities.
Kaysville UT is a great place to raise your family. The city is clean, safe and there are many opportunities here. The schools are top notch. It has a small town feel!
K-town is a very nice place to live. We have a little affordable movie theater where you can go see a nice movie with friends or family without breaking the bank. We also have a very nice school district and schools in the area. Everyone around is usually helpful and nice to each other. We aren't very diverse in culture, religion, or ethnicity though.
I moved to Kaysville about 2 years ago. My experience here has been awesome! The people are friendly, the area is beautiful, and it is a safe place to live. I've been very impressed with the quality of living here in Kaysville, Utah!
Kaysville is one of my favorite cities in the world. I've lived there most of my life, and I plan on living there for the rest of my life! I would love to see the city continue to grow and develop as time wears on, and I want to be a part of that.
Kaysville is my hometown in which I was raised and attended high school. It is a great little town of a little more than 20,000 residents. It is safe, attractive, clean, and convenient for reaching either Salt Lake City or Ogden.
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Kaysville is quiet and friendly. People are generally helpful and the city is clean and orderly. The schools are mostly very good and the high school has an excellent track record with honors and AP courses. It is mostly residential, so shopping and other activities will usually draw you to Layton or Farmington.
Kaysville is a very guarded and safe community. It is very family and community oriented, with many beloved yearly activities such as the 4th of July parade, and the monster mash and dash.
Kaysville is a little suburb north of Salt Lake City. It was originally a farming town, but since 1980, it's population has exploded. Living in Kaysville is a very unique experience, as there is a high sense of community. The high school, the 4th of July parade, Main St. (especially the Kaysville Theatre), and a few of the local shops/restaurants create a very tight-knit community. One thing that should be changed is the bubble aspect. Many citizens, including myself, comment that Kaysville's tight-knit aspect tends to create a bubble of exclusion, particularly within the high school.
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