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Lawrence, Kansas is a safe community with great crime fighting policemen. I feel safe when i am in the city. Just like every city, there is always some kind of problem that occurs, but we the people will just have to live through it. I don't seem to have any concerns except for the fact that there are sometimes drunk drivers on weekends.
This area is a great place with minor problems. I would choose to live here again because its a great city with a an amazing Kansas University. Lawrence, Kansas is going to strive into a larger city as it expands, and more jobs will be available. Sooner or later, Lawrence will expand to the surrounding cities like Topeka and Kansas City.
Kansas basketball is everything in this town. Nobody in this town likes mizzou
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Personally i think that cops are a little too noisy at times, but when your in a college town they have to stay vigilant
Kansas whether is unpredictable the weather man will say one thing and the weather will do the other.
Its perfect for all the locals, but Mass street is where it is at to party a weeks salary away.
I worked at Brandon Woods and i hated it because of the way the elderly were treated there.
you can receive just about everything in Lawrence if you look hard enough
Most everyone is friendly in Lawrence, KS. Lawrence is a very liberal city despite the state of Kansas being so conservative overall. There is a largely supportive LGBTQIA community here in Lawrence.
There are a lot of local favorites here in Lawrence, KS, such as The Third Planet, Blue Dandelion, and Jock's Nitch. You can get almost anything that is needed locally!
The crime rate in my area is fairly low, but we do have a lot of sexual assault that occurs due to having multiple colleges in the city that I live in. It is seldom that I feel unsafe, but there are times when I have felt unsafe.
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