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It's a town that seems to have lost a lot of its big employer market but is still holding on and trying its best to recover through focus on arts and community. Close enough to the city to commute but far enough to know your neighbors, Kankakee has drawn the Chicago Bears home for summer training camp for over 15 years.
The city of Kankakee is a great place to raise a family, educate the youth and offers serenity for seniors and retirees alike. There's immense diversity among it's inhabitants and a very peaceful coexistence among them as well. One thing I feel would help make one's stay in Kankakee a much better one is the inclusion of a variety of nighttime public venues and attractions so to encourage interaction in the form of socialization among it's diverse citizens.
I would like for Kankakee to have more things for the young children in this he community to do . More after school programs and summer programs. Also I would like to see more job opportunities for everyone.
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There are many changes that need to be made in Kankakee. To start, our mayor and city officials need to be changed. Housing rental cost is overpriced and there is very little to do in this town. They are constantly adding mattress stores and we need something different.
The personal contact among residents and their assistance to one another when needed is fairly good. As a resident of Kankakee, I know the area very well. It is beneficial because it is not a farm town, but also not the size of Chicago, so it is not extremely boring and not over-crowded. The problems with this town being a far southern suburb of Chicago is that we don't have a lot of commercial resources. Also, with the issues that Illinois is having with funding today, there is an impact on Kankakee as well. There are business as well. There are places still hiring, yet there are not enough jobs to go around. Also, around 5 years ago, we got a bus system which is much less luxurious than Chicago's yet for the people around the town without a car it is a great asset. Kankakee does have drawbacks, yet the town's benefits outweigh the risks in my opinion.
It's just a small town to raise a family . Nothing special . Like any other town it has its share of crime , but the people are nice . I wouldn't raise my own family here but growing up around the area was the worst thing ever . Just neutral about the place
Kankakee has so many talented people. Places of interest are Kankakee State Park, Frank Lloyd Wright homes and Kankakee river.
There are not too many things to do in this area and crime is rising. It is becoming a scary place to live.
I was born here at Riverside hospital. I was also raised up here in Kankakee, IL. I just finally want to be a responsible adult and have my own apartment. Paying my own bills and buying my needs. Supplying my own bad habits and let alone do more for my child.
The area is pretty crime ridden but I believe its of the poorness and lack of jobs.
This is a poor area but its nice and quiet.
Like normal, I have heard of crime stories in my town but not many in my neighborhood. Overall, I feel safe.
In terms of safety I can honestly say I feel safe in my community. However, there has been an increase in shootings in the community in the last couple of months. I feel that the police are present in times of need.
I feel that Kankakee is home to an abundance of creative individuals. While the town has been given a bad reputation in the past it holds a large number of different opportunities. We have amazing theater and art opportunities as well as amazing educational instituions.
The restaurants in town are decent. there's nothing extravagant.
To get a job around here you mainly have to know someone who is already working there.
Most of the stores in town are mom and pop places so the town is pretty basic.
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I'm a bit bias. I was born and raised in Kankakee.
I want to say something but I forgot. Hopefully you guys remember
I live in an urban neighborhood. There's crime sometimes.
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