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Throughout the past couple years, the crime rate has gotten bad. There are more suicides, murders and also freak accidents happening here in Hawai'i. It's not as bad as the mainland and this is why I gave the crime rate a 3
I love living in Hawai'i, not a lot of bad things happen here so I feel safer to go places. I don't like the weather sometimes because it gets really hot during the summer but there's always the beach if it gets too hot.
The traffic seems to have gotten worse over the years; however, it's still manageable. I use a car primarily to get around town.
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I love going to the beach with friends and family. I enjoy exploring the town. Although it can be "boring", participating in community events is fun.
I love the weather here. I've been to other states, and it's definitely my favorite weather. Always sunny, and rarely cloudy.
Sam Choys is a great restaurant that has a great view. I would recommend it to tourists and locals alike. The atmosphere is unique and the food is delicious. Although pricey, it is a great restaurant overall.
Many stores are hiring for minimum wage or above. The tourism industry allows for a greater demand in the job market. I found a job easily and quickly.
Patricio's is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. There is a great selection of burritos, tacos, soups, etc. I eat here on a regular basis, and I share my wonderful experience with my friends and family.
People love coming for the beaches and to visit the volcano and Mauna Kea, but locals do not have a very positive opinion of tourists.
I love living here. I definitely see myself moving back to start a family after completing my education and starting my career.
It's Hawaii. The weather is always amazing, especially in Kona.
The food is great, but there is no nightlife here.
Since we only have small businesses, many people are stuck working for someone from their family, doing small jobs like those you'd find in retail or restaurants.
Kona is a pretty small town. Most of the businesses are small, with a few big-name companies (e.g. WalMart, Target). Having such a large amount of small businesses allows for a very comfortable environment and personal connection with the business owners and employees.
hurricanes seems to be always coming around but it doesnt affect kona side that much
i love they place im living in so i have no problem
They have hayashis which is very taste also mushubi and green tea.
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buildings here are pretty old but not junk at all.
kona is not a city its more of country life so its pretty safe here not much gang going on
I live here in the big island, and there us just so much aloha and greatness in the people and community
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