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There is a good amount of graffiti that happens on the trains in town. Drugs and what I call "mini gangs" are a problem. However, police are very present and respond quickly when needed.
It is very humid. There is not a lot you can do unless you drive to a bigger city. Teen pregnancy rates are extremely high. The general community is improving, but not very quickly. There is a lot of resistance to change. It's a good area to live if you want to stay in your comfort zone. Otherwise, you might go stir crazy.
Lots of old, dilapidated houses in neighborhoods. But also a lot of new builds, growing community.
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Drugs, methamphetamines, seem to be a growing problem
The people are friendly. The teachers are great. But there is not enough for teenage children to do o entertain themselves.
I absolutely love this area. I have grown up here and am so blessed to have done that. The people are friendly and it has a very homey atmosphere. Compared to other areas in the US, I feel the attitude here is more laid back and relaxed. People still enjoy the smaller things in life and don't take things for granted. In the future, I think this area will continue to grow as people move away from larger cities. New businesses are coming to this area very frequently, so I predict this trend will continue as the population grows.
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