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Joppatowne is a very small and family friendly environment. The schools are nice and there are many opportunities for kids
I love living here. I plan on buying my first home here in Harford County as well... there are many places to go to with your family and it’s very quiet. Neighbors are very friendly!
I love living in Joppatowne, it is such a friendly neighborhood, which is too far away from anything. I love the atmosphere of my neighborhood and the whole community is friendly and easy to get along with.
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Joppatowne is conveniently located on the water, providing great excess to Chesapeake Bay for those interested in the aquatic lifestyle. It also has ease of excess to major transportation corridors for those needing to travel to larger metropolitan areas.
i like that Joppa is a quiet neighborhood and has easy access to a variety of stores and eating establishaments
I've lived in Joppatowne, Maryland for 26 years. I love this place! It's a great little town and is family friendly!
Joppatowne's a fairly small town. There's really not much to it. There are a few parks and recreational areas that are great for kids and family fun.
Joppatowne is a racially diverse community. You have stores and gas stations within walking distance. The homes and apartments are suitable for raising a family. The schools are excellent and the community has recreational activities for children. The park is excellent for family gatherings or picnics and events or just walking. The crime rate is low but most families have at leat one pet. Easily accessible to the commute bus.
Joppatowne is a fine place to live, it is safe for the most part and offers many outdoor activities during the summer time. Mariner Point park is located on the Gunpowder River, it has trails, playgrounds and many piers on the river. The only downfall is that the local high school is not the best, students tend to steal and skip class, providing a negative learning environment. The teachers at the school do well but the learning institution as a whole is not very good. Overall it is a good place to live, optimal area for a family.
Joppatowne, Maryland was a great place for me to grow up. It has a small town feeling, far enough away from the bustle of big cities but yet within 20 minutes to taste the night life and attractions offered. My best friends were twins who lived two doors down from me. The local swim club was a place I spent most of my summers growing up. Even today I enjoy the nearby park/marina with its trails, water activities and it is a great place to hunt Pokeman.
Everyone is pretty friendly, but it has started to change over the years. I would like to see the schools performance improve.
The area of Joppatowne, Md is a very great community. My daughter is attending elementary school here. She loves it and I love it as well. I also work in this area and grew up in joppatowne as well. Full of opportunities and great people.
Crime happens on rare occasions here. There hasn't been an incident in months.
Joppa is a very close knit and family oriented community. There is almost no crime, and is located within one of the best school systems in the country.
There is no crime in my neighborhood that I have heard or know about. There are police mainly to control the speed in my area since there are several schools. I really have no concerns about my safety in the neighborhood.
This is a great neighborhood. All the neighbors are super friendly and on my street we're like one big family. In fact, yesterday I borrowed an egg from my neighbor because I didn't have the right amount for baking. Sounds like the old days! In the future my area is being built up with shops and restaurants. This will create many new jobs for the people in our community.
my neighborhood is very quiet but I can't speak for outside of my particular area
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Very average. not tremendously great or tremendously negative. i don't pay much attention to what happens around here.
There are no vacant homes in this community. Actually, the community has built a new edition of homes like 5-10 years ago, and filled them quickly. I believe that this community may still be growing and in a good direction.
Many residents have lived here before my family moved to the community and that was 13 years ago. So the community has many families that have been here for 20 years or more. The community is very pet friendly, I say that because my family and I have a Yorkshire Terrier and when we walk her we pass by other people who are walking just one dog or even more.
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