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Jonesville is a small town in central Louisiana. Jonesville is also located in Catahoula Parish, which is home to some of the best hunting and fishing in the state. It is a true Sportsman's Paradise. However, the parish is also prone to frequent flooding due to its four rivers and low-lying lands.

Jonesville has only one grocery store, two gas stations, and a Sonic Drive-In. There are only two red lights in the entire town. Because it's in the Deep South, there are multiple churches and multiple denominations. It is a poor parish, and as a result there are some cosmetic improvements that could be made. The school district sometimes suffers due to lack of funding, not lack of caring. It has small-town charm and good people.
Very poor town not willing to change to better our community. Very little job opportunities and very poor school system.
Jonesville is a pretty good environment to live in, but they don't really have any eating area around. We have Sonny's Pizzas and Sonic, and that's about it. We have a few grocery stores, Dollar General, Fred's and Family Dollars. We have few stoplights but a lot of stop signs. You very seldom see people walking the streets. I'd say Jonesville is pretty safe , the neighbors are friendly but they gossip a lot. I recommend people to stay in Jonesville, because its a good place to stay and a very safe area.
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Jonesville is a small community town and the people here are friendly. It is a good place to retire. It needs to open more businesses so there can be more jobs for the community.
Jonesville is a small, family oriented town. It's country in appearance, in talk and in just an overall experience. I wouldn't change it.
Small town and friendly atmosphere. It can use more local stores and fast food restaurants. It needs to improve the roads, just about all the roads in the city limits are bad,pot holes.
I have lived in Jonesville my entire life. It is an farming community with few opportunities for youth.
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