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I've been here most of my life and I know a lot of the people here. It's the close knit community that I like and it's the growth of the small town I would like to see change, we need more business here.
Johnsonville is a very small town there are not very many job opportunities but I see the potential in the town to grow. I want to be a part of that growth when I receive my degree I plan to start my nonprofit organization here that would connect youth with businesses. I want to train them on how to be ready for the workforce.
Small town, great schools but not much to do recreational wise. Not too far to drive to get to the beach for the day.
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I am recently new to the area, However my husband is from this small town USA. Since I have moved to this town, I have adapted to a change of pace and lifestyle. Johnsonville is a country way of living and everyone in this town are really great people with a side of Southern Hospitality. Johnsonville also has 2 really great restaurants evolved in the community here and offers out helping hands all day, everyday. {Shady Rest & The Chic} as well as a "Peanut Wagon". Also as far as education for children, the schools are ranked in the top 50 in the state, which is pretty good. Another greatness about this town is all the churches that are here. My family and I attend at the Johnsonville Church Of God where Bishop Daniel Poston pastors. JCOG is very community oriented church and extends helping hands at any point in time. So If you ever want to move to a small town that makes you feel like your at home, then Johnsonville, S.C. is the town for you.
It is a wonderful town for those who seek a quiet life while still living within a reasonable distance to urban civilization. With Florence, Lake City, and Myrtle Beach, you can live in the scenic countryside while still being able to connect to the city life. There is schooling for children of all ages available within the city limits as well. Be forewarned that you should not expect to be able to live easily without a vehicle, and small towns are not always the best place to begin most businesses.
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