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Joachim Township Reviews

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I feel pretty safe is Festus, but there are a lot of robberies and I always make sure to lock my doors.
I feel Safe in Festus, I just wish there was more to do.
Our housing is great. We rarely have beat up looking houses. It is a good family neighborhood.
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People have a great sense of community. In times of need we all gather around and help out. If someone's in trouble or need help there is usually someone there to assist them.
Our sense of safety in the area is good. We don't have to worry about dangerous situations as much as city life. I would definitely recommend it for kids safety
I see myself staying here because it's far away from the city so you don't have to listen to the commotion, but not in the country per se. So traveling is very easy.
This is my first home on my own since I have moved out of my parents house. The experience living with my fiancé is nice. Half of our neighbors are friendly and the other half do not want to communicate with us for whatever reason. I probably wouldn't choose to live here again if I had to do it all over again. I would rather wait until I was finished with school then move out on my own.
I think the re is extreme diversity in the area. I feel people are very friendly. However, I am a friendly person, so I interact better than most.
There are a lot of restaurant to choose from. However, a lot of them are chains and not locally owned. Most businesses that are locally owned in this area do not survive.
The businesses in this area are always looking for more employees. Most places pay minimum wage and schedule lots of hours.
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